Marvel’s New Series She-Hulk Underlines The Daily ‘Anger’ Struggles Of Every Woman

As women learn to deal with the anger they feel every day due to the constant misogyny we face, we are much better equipped to 'hulk out' if needed.

So I just finished the first episode of She-Hulk and what struck me as the most interesting factor was how they defined the personality of She-Hulk as very different from the Hulk.

Bruce – or Hulk is a little frustrated and confused as to why his cousin Jen (She-Hulk) is so much better at transitioning, warning her that she might not be able to control risking lives under stress and anger. After all, he hulks out when angry.

Women have reason to be angry all the time in this misogynistic world

So when Bruce points out that hulking out is triggered because of stress or anger, Jen replies that ‘stress or anger’ is the baseline emotion of any woman every day. Which is so true, and I am sure every woman would relate to it.

How many times we feel stress on issues that won’t matter to men!

  • Is my dress too short,
  • did I speak too much,
  • should I take a leave for personal household work,
  • how will I manage my 9 pm call because I have to cook dinner,
  • why is my child not sleeping on time,
  • should I go out this late,
  • why is that man ogling me,
  • am I being followed,
  • is my bra strap visible?

Many more such questions bother us while we go on with our daily lives. In short, worry and stress is the every-minute state of every woman.

Women have to ‘control’ their anger all the time just to function

In another conversation, Bruce says, “We have to make sure of your ability to tolerate the stress and regulate your emotions, especially your anger.”

To that Jen replies, “Here’s the thing, Bruce. I am great at controlling anger. I do it all the time. When I am catcalled in the streets, when incompetent men explain my own area of expertise to me. I do it pretty much every day because if I don’t, I will get called ’emotional’, or ‘difficult’, might just literally get murdered. So I am an expert at controlling my anger because I do it infinitely more than you.”

And this hit a nerve

How many times we as woman have suppressed our anger or emotion so that we are not stereotyped as difficult?

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How many times have we avoided certain paths to steer clear of bullies and stalkers?

How many times have we all wondered if we should give up our dreams or point of view to maintain peace at home?

How many times have we over compensated because we are women?

Innumerable times. We woman are raised to be passive angry all the time, instead of expressing it. So I guess we all are more capable of hulking out than any man, because the secret to it is that we are always angry.

… And anger is good, towards inequality, towards gender stereotypimg, towards mansplaining.

So cheers to all the She-Hulks out there, flexing their emotions.

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