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Teaching kids
Good Teachers Are Rockstars; They Can Change The World One Child At A Time

The role of a teacher in a child's life can't be discounted. It is a lottery, almost - getting a good teacher can really influence a child's life for the better, as they feel heard and loved outside of home.

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She Hated Math, But Nambikkai Mary Miss Made Her Fall In Love With The Subject

Math classes were troublesome but she ended up majoring in it at college. An inspiring teacher changed the course of her life, writes Anupama Venkatesh. 

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5 Amazing Teachers I Know Who Care For Their Students’ Feelings Before Everything Else
emotional needs of children

5 teachers choose to go beyond the curriculum and the four walls of the classroom to meet the emotional needs of children. They believe the only way to reach the mind of students is through their heart.

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This Woman Makes The World Better Just By Doing This Wonderful Thing!

Do not wait for a 'suitable time' to do your bit for the good. Find out what can be done around you, and begin doing it. Make the world better just by doing this little thing.

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And That Will Be My Guru Dakshina!
MOTM July 2018 winner 1

So many of us have been touched by your presence in our lives, at a vulnerable time in our lives. A time when we could have been led astray or felt deficient or just different. 

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Nip Them In The Bud: 6 Anxiety Issues That Stunt Kids’ Emotional, Intellectual, & Social Growth
anxiety issues in children

As adults in their lives, parents or teachers, being aware of and ready to deal with anxiety issues in children is essential for their emotional and intellectual growth.

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