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Yes, I Am A Woman Who Watches Sports, And Guess What? I Love And Understand It Too!

I've always wondered why women are perceived to not be interested in sports. After some research, here's what I found out!

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Little Girl Dream Big

"A doctor, a soldier, an astronaut I can be"- a piece of poetry for little women with not-so-little dreams. 

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Amid The March Of Technology – The Lost Art Of Conversation And Letter Writing.

An emotional piece reminiscing the old golden days of handwritten letters but also embracing the boon of technology.

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Hey We Are The Supermoms

This heartfelt poem is an ode to all the mothers who work tirelessly for their kids, you are all supermoms indeed!

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Time (Poem)

A beautiful rhyme about the fleeting nature of time

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Chhapak – A Tribute

A poetic tribute to the brave story of every acid attack survivor.

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Don’t Just Write Criticisms Of Everything, But Present A Critique That Is Constructive

Being a 'critic' is a part of the Indian DNA. I think every single house in India has a resident critic- who freely shares his views on any and every topic.

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One Day Changed It All And Brought Back A Thousand Memories

"Because you are ready to put your past behind you," he said softly. "How do you know that?" she asked. "If you want to know, meet me for dinner," he said.

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Why Are We So Stingy In The Gratitude We Need To Show Our Teachers?

Teachers, more often than not, are the people we spend most of our times with. However, a lot of us don't respect them as much as we should. The author explores why.

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As Teaser Of Thalaivi Releases, Let’s Ask Ourselves If Kangana Ranaut Is A Rebel By Nature Or Design

Kangana Ranaut seems to be controversy's favourite child, and we have gone from applauding her to now calling out her antics. 

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The Future Mustn’t Belong To Those Who Bully Women; Our Daughters & Sons Have An Equal Right To Their Dreams!

Every year, close to 20,000 females are killed world-wide in honour killings, 1.5 million in the womb. We are in 2019, shouldn't things be different by now?

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