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Time (Poem)

Posted: July 19, 2020

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Time is it my foe, oft I wonder
As my days to it I surrender

It flies from morn to eve

For the precious moments lost, I grieve

I hear the hours ticking by

My heart gives a silent cry

Oh! Please, oh! Please, pause I plead

But, Time, it does not head

Oh! I need a moment to feel alive

Pushed to the edge of precipice I just survive

Oh! Time, give me a moment

               To catch my breath

A moment to feel the dew

             Beneath my feet

Oh time let me heel with

         The soft caress of the wind

Oh time I say be kind

I want to hear the rustle of the leaves

I want to watch the mesmerising dance

Of the tiny raindrops on my window pane

But, alas all I can steal is a glance

For Time it moves on, with great haste

It nudges the innocent to step into teens

The joys of youth do not trust

The ever moving time says thus

For it takes that away too

Leaving me without a clue

Of what the future holds in store

Perhaps a few trouble more

Or Time, I wonder is it really a friend

That the days to come, to me it lends

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