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Here’s Why Being Openly Affectionate In Front Of Our Kids Is A Good Thing!

Why aren't we more openly affectionate with our partner in front of our kids, when that could actually teach them more of love and less of hate? 

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Find Yourself Anxious All The Time, Mommy? 7 Handy Tips For A More Relaxed You
parental anxiety

It is natural to feel anxious a lot of times as a parent. But is anxiety taking over your life, becoming an anxiety disorder? You need to relax - check out 7 tips on how you can do this.

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With All The Brutal Honor Killings, Can People Stop Or Scare Other Lovers?

The news of two honour killings in Telangana scares young lover Kavitha. Will these brutal acts by parents stop young people in their quest for freedom? 

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IIT-Guwahati Student Hangs Herself. Time Parents Trash Social Expectations Of ‘Good’ Careers

A disheartening news of yet another IIT student committing suicide, its high time Indian parents get over their engineering mania and let their children live. 

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Here’s Why I’m Raising My Boy Like A Girl

Instead of repeatedly telling sons to respect women, they should be brought up tenderly like a girl. Read for more such parenting tips by Anupriya Gupta. 

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How We Came Together As A Family To Stay Positive When Papa Grew A Tumour

When my father was diagnosed with a tumour in his chest, which thankfully turned out to be benign, we rallied together as a family and pulled each other up with positivity. 

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