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Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan, Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller book ‘The Game of Change’ Intimidated by the overwhelming task of handling multiple roles in today's high-pressure world, Ms. Geeta shares the “aha” moment on her perception on the fears and insecurities of life that were holding not only her but many others back from unleashing ultimate happiness. Women are daunted by the overwhelming task of handling multiple roles in today’s high- pressure world. Geeta’s book focuses on all the amazing women out there; daughters, mothers, home keepers, professionals, dreamers and achievers, aspiring to being the ‘ideal’ women in all roles, to bring the choice of Zen balance and success in their lives. Geeta Ramakrishnan grew up in Mumbai, India. Her marriage brought her to Dubai. Keenly interested and intrigued by human behaviour, she focused on human capital management of the family business. Her curiosity and passion led her to attend an ontological coach training program from Newfield Asia, Singapore. She offers coaching and also conducts workshops on her favourite subject 'Change’. Over the last 50 years, she has recognized key lessons on how to be happy, while holding her own in her family and in this world. She offers her experiences demonstrating the balancing act of nurturing success with happiness. As an Ontological Coach, Geeta Ramakrishnan has been conducting ‘Change Workshops’ across the organization and running group and one on one coaching programs targeting personal and professional growth. Instrumental in building a successful Human Capital Management at Transworld, Geeta also oversees the daily activities and initiatives to help strengthen employees’ roles and engagement in the company. She likes to call herself ‘The Change Catalyst’. Having gone through the grind herself, she finds that people are able to easily share information and connect with her. Her mission is to empower 10,000 women to win the game of change by providing the tools to lead a stress-free and meaningful life, in joy and peace.

Voice of Geeta Ramakrishnan

How Does Self-Talk Help During Pregnancy?

Traditionally, when I was pregnant, my grandma told me to ‘listen to bhajans, don’t go out after sundown, be happy, eat well.

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5 Feminine Leadership Traits to Cultivate a Growth Mindset!

From resilience to adaptability, here are 5 feminine leadership traits that will keep you ahead of the curve!

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dependence on technology
4 Choices We Can Make To Reduce Our Dependence On Technology!

Technology has been a saviour during the pandemic. Yet there are downsides of over dependence on technology that cannot be overlooked!

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4 Effective Ways To Strike The Right Work-Life Balance

Let's start by asking you a question. What does work-life balance mean to you? People often misunderstand the concept and over the years have given different meanings and perceptions to the term.

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learning to say no
Learning To Say NO Assertively Is An Especially Essential Skill For Women

Do you have problems in saying an assertive ‘No’? Then learning to say no is what you must do, either at work or in personal life.

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Life During A Lockdown: Managing Our Thoughts And Feelings

Can we extend ourselves to be open and flexible and look at a loss as an opportunity, a new beginning in waiting?

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put yourself first
Woman, Put Yourself First And See How Life Gets Better For You!

In this forced hiatus due to lockdown, do introspect, focus on what you want from life, put yourself first and see the magic happen!

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As An Entrepreneur, Here Are 7 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated As Lockdown Extends

It's been work from home for most of us for weeks now; if you're an employer, how can you keep your employees motivated in this work from home phase?

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7 Ways To Minimize Workplace Negativity In India
7 Ways To Minimize Workplace Negativity In India

Offices have seen a drop in harmony among peers due to a negative office culture. Here are 7 ways to minimize workplace negativity

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Little Praises Matter In The Long Run: An Older Mother Shares Her Parenting Wisdom

When a child hasn't performed well, parents tend to focus solely on the failure and yell at the child. A mother advises us to handle the failures calmly.

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Managing Your Energy As A Parent

The best parts of your childhood are not those expensive gifts your parents gave you, it is the time you spent together, the times you laughed and played together.

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We Don’t Have To Be Superwomen; Stop Pushing Yourself Too Hard And Find A Balance!

Indian women have to juggle multiple roles and as result they are often overwhelmed and stressed. But, it is possible to find that balance and lead happier lives.

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Money As Not The Only ‘Outcome’ Of Ambition – Reaching For Deeper Routes And Matrices For Satisfaction

We want to be super achievers to earn money and buy all the things we want and need. Of course, we do this to be happy, don’t we? This is a true paradox.

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