5 Feminine Leadership Traits to Cultivate a Growth Mindset!

From resilience to adaptability, here are 5 feminine leadership traits that will keep you ahead of the curve!

In the professional world, we witness the pressures women leaders have to go through to prove their leadership skills. An individual’s leadership abilities depend on her personal strengths and personality. In this article, our core focus will remain on how to nurture and cultivate feminine leadership traits that are beneficial in both your personal and professional lives.

While a lot of what we do in our professional lives affects our personal lives and vice-versa, building a growth mindset will allow us to maintain a healthy balance as we juggle through life and leadership.


Believing in one’s self is extremely important for one to take on big responsibilities. Confidence is a belief to create a successful outcome through our actions. When we believe we are good we believe in the value we have to offer. For eg: When we are confident about participating with our kids in a dance competition at school or an important meeting at work, we are more likely to achieve great results.


Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly and fully from an unforeseen circumstance. Women are believed to be more resilient than men. It is also true that we deal with several conflicting personal, professional and systemic challenges than our male counterparts. Owing to unique challenges and individual needs we master the art of building resilience making us susceptible to defy any encounters coming our way.


Women are known to be more empathetic than men. Our empathetic nature allows us more room to build and nurture relationships from the point of view of our kids or peers. This gives us the freedom to evaluate every situation we have at home and the workplace and derive at suitable decisions. Every person is different and reacts differently to a particular situation.


The need for adaptability hasn’t been more important than now. With the work and home dynamics changing rapidly, women are more bound to adapt to the situations to stay relevant and avoid stagnation.

One of the ways to adapt naturally to any situation is to have an open mindset and the will to change. Emotional tolerance and spiritual guidance go a long way in changing the dynamics of the situation. For eg: if you have accustomed your mind to adapt to change it will take you lesser time to change from Plan A to Plan B in case of a failure in Plan A.

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To make great strides in the way you achieve your personal goals, you have to remain persuasive. Giving up lightly is not an option. Circumstances may change and can work in your favour therefore, remaining persuasive and persistent always pays off. Have a follow-up and action plan ready and the key is to remain politely persuasive.

As women, we are constantly developing an action plan that prepares us for unexpected times. Your leadership traits are defined as your ability to detect and respond to change(s) around you, no matter how unexpected or inconvenient.

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