Woman, Put Yourself First And See How Life Gets Better For You!

In this forced hiatus due to lockdown, do introspect, focus on what you want from life, put yourself first and see the magic happen!

In this forced hiatus due to lockdown, do introspect, focus on what you want from life, put yourself first and see the magic happen!

Humans have learned to and are adept at multitasking. With the advancement of science and technology, instead of finding more time to relax and enjoy life, unfortunately, we have made our lives more complex and stressful in chasing our dreams.

Put yourself first

When people are asked to rate in the order of priority your work, family, and you, the normal tendency is to rate work and profession first of course, and then the family as you work for your family, and if you have any time and energy left, then you come last in the list.

While this may appear a natural way of living life, it is not what you should want from life.

Use this lockdown period as a once in a lifetime opportunity to pause introspect and think counter-intuitively.

What happens if you are your first priority?

Refocus on what you want from life, from your professional life, from your family and your personal life, your hobbies, and things you love doing but couldn’t find the time for.

Rethink your goals; try chasing happiness as against material needs and success.

Learn when to say an assertive ‘No’. Learn to draw your boundaries.

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Learn to face your fears. Learn from your failures.

Learn to prioritize. This process makes you more confident and more likely to succeed in whatever you focus on.

Strengthening yourself to be more ‘present’

It makes you more present and grounded, allowing you to give more in your relationship, be it your partner, your family, or your friends.

The stronger person you become by this can bring out the creative best in your professional life as well, where you can now multitask without stress. You will be in control of when to relax and how you will prioritize your work, where success becomes an outcome rather than something you need to chase.

Image source: a still from the film Jab We Met

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