Arpita Nayak

I am an introvert. The writer in me is my extrovert alter ego. A BTech from NIFT and MBA from XIMB, currently I hold a full-time job with a startup as a marketing manager. I love writing about issues related to feminism and mental health.

Voice of Arpita Nayak

What’s The Boiling Point Of Blood?

An angry man is always an angry man. He's not PMSing or bossy or arrogant. Why do moods exist for men as if they are normal and as a flaw for a woman?

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Dear Misogynists Of India, I Wish You A Women Free World

No woman deserves to be harassed or slapped or insulted, to be denied her freedom, to be to be stopped from following her heart, to be raped. Misogynists, you don't deserve women. 

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