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I Stood Up To My Physically Abusive Father And Saved Myself!

I don't hate my parents, they had their own issues which made them the way they are, but that doesn't give them the right to hurt the very child they gave birth to!

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Sembi: The Film Shows Justice Is Possible With POCSO
Sembi, POCSO

Sembi the film provides justice to the child victim, thereby spreading the needed awareness in the society about POCSO Act.

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Becoming A Parent Doesn’t Excuse The Use Of Violence Against Children
Becoming A Parent Doesn't Excuse The Use Of Violence Against Children

Any form of violence against children is not justified. Verbal or physical, no child deserves to witness or become victim of violence. They do not have a fully developed brain like an adult; they are kids and cannot always comprehend what we expect out of them.

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When I Was Asked, “What? You’ve Never Hit Your Child?!”
hitting a child

If you do not agree with what a friend or a colleague or someone else has done, or if they do wrong, do you hit them to "correct" them? No? Then why do you hit kids for the same?

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Illegal ‘Adoption’ Rackets Target Kids Orphaned Due To COVID In India
covid orphans

There are many tweets and other messages doing the rounds on 'adopting' kids orphaned as both parents die of COVID. This 'adoption' is illegal, with even traffickers exploiting the situation.

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‘It’s All In Your Head’ Really? Childhood Trauma Can Affect Deeper Than That
Manjiri Indurkar

Manjiri Indurkar narrates a memoir of abuse in It's All In Your Head, M, sitting with her trauma to heal, with ruthless honesty, sparing no one, even herself. 

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