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10 Truths About Periods I Want To Tell You, My Daughter

In this open letter to her daughter, a mother normalises talking around menstruation, and destigmatises the stereotypes about it.

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hitting a child
When I Was Asked, “What? You’ve Never Hit Your Child?!”

If you do not agree with what a friend or a colleague or someone else has done, or if they do wrong, do you hit them to "correct" them? No? Then why do you hit kids for the same?

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“Sex Is A Basic Instinct & Kids Will Figure It Out. Why Talk To Them About It?”

Should we have the sex talk with our children? Or let them figure it out, as we did? There are arguments for both, and here, the author makes a compelling case for the former. 

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For Every #NotAllMen Story Guys Tell, Women Have A #MeToo Story

Almost every woman has faced some kind of sexual harassment or abuse in her life. Doesn't that make #NotAllMen kind of pointless?

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