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Emotional Child Abuse – Is Never Deserved, It Is An Exploitation Of Innocence
Emotional Child Abuse – Is Never Deserved, It Is An Exploitation Of Innocence

All kinds of child abuse can scar permanently, but emotional child abuse may also be invisible and may never be acknowledged.

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Do You Hit Your Child To ‘Discipline’ Them?

What we do for our kids is not a favour to them; it is our duty as parents who gave them life. You have no right to hit or abuse your child.

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Mother Wants Teen To Become An Actor, Forces Her To Take Hormone Pills To Look Older!
AP - Mother forced daughter with hormone pills to make her an actress, daughter rescued

a 16-year-old girl was forcefully fed hormone pills by her mother so that she could act in films. She had been taking the medicines for the past four years.

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It Is Not Always A Happy Mother’s Day For Everyone!

This post is just to make victims of narcissistic abuse as children, feel no pressure to celebrate Mother's Day. It's ok to feel pained, sad, upset, angry, frustrated, all of the above on Mother's Day. 

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Parental Abuse Is Very Real, An Emotional Bullying, A Consistent Denial Of Personal Freedom & Choice
Parental abuse

Parental abuse is normalised in our society in the name of "discipline", not recognised as domestic abuse having long term repercussions.

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I Stood Up To My Physically Abusive Father And Saved Myself!

I don't hate my parents, they had their own issues which made them the way they are, but that doesn't give them the right to hurt the very child they gave birth to!

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