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The Many Health Benefits of Garlic: From Great Skin To Cancer Prevention

Did you know the health benefits of garlic from skin health, to boosting immunity, to better renal health? Include garlic in your diet now!

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Let’s Talk Of Constitutional And Legal Rights Of The LGBTQIA+ Community In India

There are Constitutional rights and legal rights that protect the LGBTQIA+ community in India. But how effective are these in real terms?

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Kill Your Self Doubt, The Enemy That Sabotages Women At Work

Almost always, the single factor that comes in the way of women pursuing a lofty aspiration is self-doubt.

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Dear Parkinson’s, Here’s A Surprising Thank You Note For You

Parkinson's disease is not easy to live with, but it also taught this author the value of her own self. Here's what she wants to thank Parkinson's for...

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Mom, Be My Strength, Not My Weakness!

I was so engrossed in looking after my daughter, being both a mom and dad for her, that I myself no longer existed...

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Hiring A Helper Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom. Women Have Career Goals, Too!

Hiring a help doesn't make us bad mothers. Like men, we too can have other priorities around our lives and careers.

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