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sister of Rama Shanta's story
Shanta’s Story From The Ramayana Shows That A Woman Is Valued Only For Her ‘Sacrifices’

In the Ramayana, the story of the sister of Rama Shanta plays a silent, but pivotal role. Like many women today, however, she was valued only for her ‘usefulness'.

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As She Savoured Her First Day As A Free Woman After The Divorce…

Aaradhna walked into the kitchen. All these years, she made filter coffee on an auto pilot mode, because he liked it. She was more of a tea person; rather a ginger tea person.

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9 Points We Should Make A Note Of From The MJ Akbar Priya Ramani Final Arguments In Court
MJ Akbar Priya Ramani

Some crucial points were made by senior journalist Priya Ramani's lawyer Rebecca John in the Supreme Court last week, in the ongoing defamation suit by MJ Akbar.

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Life Is Not A Race And 7 Other Lessons The Global Pandemic And Lockdown Taught Me

The global pandemic has affected each one of us in a number of ways. However, it also taught me these 8 important life lessons!

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Teach Your Girls To Stand Up For Themselves And To Raise Their Voices Only Then, Will They Be Free!

Marriage changes everything, she thought. Changes you... changes them, And there’s no support. Parents are for life - is what she'd thought.

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The Blessing Of Beauty Which Turned Out To Be Her Curse For Life

We always think that being beautiful is a blessing, but is it really so? Tanya's beauty turned out to be her biggest curse.

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