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Men Are Served First; Women Finish The Leftovers In The Kitchen… Why?!

My mother in law went to the kitchen and served herself, saying that there was no need to eat kheer in a fancy bowl - any plate is Ok. Why? I didn't ask, she didn't tell.

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My First Year Of Motherhood During Pandemic: From Anxiety To Feeling Blessed!

On the threshold of completing a year of motherhood in the pandemic, I have battled anxiety and fears and now I feel so blessed.

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The Stalking & Murder Of 24y.o. Manasa In Kerala Is A Crime, Let’s Not Romanticise It!
Manasa Rakhil murder

The Manasa Rakhil twin murder case in Kerala is about a man allegedly stalking and murdering a woman who allegedly "broke up" with him; a tragedy showing the influence of internalising too many films?

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My Travel Stories: Missing Suitcases, Lost Credit Cards And Encounters With Angry Security!
travel stories

I am a seasoned air-traveller, and this is my trunkful of colourful travel stories--of missing passports, luggage, flights and what not!

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Love Or Respect – Which Is More Important In A Relationship? Why?

Since a relationship is always a work-in progress kind of thing, boundaries need to be worked on time to time. What does that say about respect and love - which is more important?

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Simone Biles Pulling Out Of The Olympics – Sensible, Brave Choice Or Not?!

Simone Biles pulled out of the Olympics citing mental health issues, but everything has two sides to it. What could these be, in this case?

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