The Tragic Surat Fire Reminds Us It’s Time To Assess Public Places

Yesterday, we heard the deeply saddening news of a massive fire in a commercial building in Surat, and the subsequent deaths of 20 children there.

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The Visionary Woman We Owe The Modern Feminist Movement To – Who Is She?
Mary Wollstonecraft

Feminism is a way of life for many women, and we take so many freedoms for granted, But these have been the fruits of the struggle of many women before us, like Mary Wollstonecraft's writings.

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8 Female Advocates In India Who Are The Super Heroes Of Justice.

These female advocates with their wands of justice have been fighting for justice and are a true source of inspiration.

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Bollywood Screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor: Feminism Is Not A Rigid Being; It’s Always Evolving

"Feminism means having the freedom, choice and opportunity that the other gender has," says Bollywood screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor. "It's okay to question things."

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Raising Confident Girls: What’s Your Mantra?

Raising confident girls is first and foremost about giving them permission and encouragement to be themselves. Can you do that?

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As A ‘Bahu Of The House’ If I Speak Up, I’m Not “Brought Up Well By My Parents”?

A patriarchal society doesn't really consider a daughter in law as a person in her own right. Here's almost a rant by a beleaguered bahu!

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