भगवान् का होना, एक ज़रुरत या एक खुदगर्ज़ी, एक साज़िश

"भगवान् का होना तो ज़रूरी है, भगवान् न हो तो इंसानियत कैसे बिकवा पाएँगे?" प्रश्न है, 'क्या भगवान् का जन्म एक खुदगर्ज़ी, एक साज़िश है?'

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The Title Of Miss World Goes To Miss Accented Polished Trained Straightened…

Winners of beauty pageants become the benchmark of 'true beauty' for so many impressionable girls, but what are these really teaching our girls?

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5 Reasons Why Most Of Indian Society Still Prefers A Boy Over A Girl

Gender inequality is present all over the world; however the basic preference for a male child over a female one is deeply entrenched in India - this author examines the deep-rooted reasons for such son-preference.

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I’m Your Soul And You My Soulmate; Anything You Suffer Will Make Me Suffer Too!

He recoiled for a second, but was too quick to hold us back from the escape. He looked around and found a bottle with some label on it. 

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Is It Safe To Travel Alone In India? How Did I Answer This Question?

Is it safe to travel alone to India because there are so many gruesome incidents happening in India? When a backpacker asked me this question, it led me to introspect on the state of things in India for women. 

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Had A Fabulous Holi Party? Now Check This 10-Step Post Holi Detox Guide…

So you've had a fabulous Holi. Played with colours. Gorged yourself on all the foods you love. Maybe even drank a little too much at the party? This post Holi detox comes in handy!

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