During this difficult time of Corona virus outbreak, how can we as women cope better and support each other? Check our special feed and learn more!
The Things We Took For Granted That Kept Us Going During Life In Times Of Covid

Life in times of Covid-19 is a watershed moment for Humankind; let's introspect, and take forward only that which will sustain us through this.

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5 Questions Indian Girls Must Ask Of Men Before Marriage, Especially In An Arranged Marriage

If you are old enough to marry, you're old enough to have some clarity about what you want. Even if it's an arranged marriage, here are some things we need to be mindful about.

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Kerala HC Says Surrender To ‘Unwelcomed’ Sex That Is Given Due To Powerlessness Not Consent

In a remarkable judgement, the Kerala High court concluded that alleged surrender or unwelcomed sex cannot be termed as consensual sexual intercourse.

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Story Of A Bus Ride That Taught Me Life May Have Miseries But It Has Beauty And Happiness Too!

We all only have one life. And we all have better things to do rather than sulking at what cant be changed. Yes, there's misery. But there's beauty too.

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Neighbourhood Aunties Always Made Me Wonder If It My Fault I Was Born Dark Until I Realised Something…

My financial freedom gave me wings, as a harsh reality stared at me. In my quiet moments, my childhood fears haunted me. I was unmarried, dark, alone & 40.

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Domestic Violence Doesn’t Just Affect The Mothers, It Affects Their Children Too!

Does domestic violence account only for married women abused by their in-laws and husbands? Or does it also affect children born in such marriages?

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