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A Generous Dash Of Vermilion For The Goddess

By that time, a few other ladies had gathered around. Rumours fly faster than a supersonic plane in Indian societies. Chants of ‘new friend’ reverberated in front of the Goddess.

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Menopause And The Indian Workplace – Break The Screeching Silence On This Phase In Women’s Lives

Menopause and the woman at work - though it clearly affects the woman's mental and physical health and interaction with society, workplaces have refused to address this reality of women's lives.

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She Can’t Hear Me, But I Try One Last Time ‘Ama, I Am Happy Now; I Am Free… I Just Wish You Knew…’

This would be my first time alone, “I hope you come soon.” Covering my face with a dupatta, I had run towards the woods, consoling myself, “It’s just 3 days. I’ll be fine.”

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Jyothika’s 50th Film Udanpirappe Glorifies The Supposedly ‘Empowered’ Woman Never Putting Herself First!

Jyothika’s 50th film Udanpirappe sends a message: Women can be non-conforming and strong but upholding the family unit is still their most important duty!

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‘Don’t Cry Like A Girl’…Whether Raising A Boy Or Girl, Sexism Starts In The Playground! 
raising a boy

My son N jumped from the swing & fell flat on his face. His friend said, 'Don't cry like a girl' & that made my blood boil!

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Why Must Only Women Clean & Cook While Men Get To Relax When Guests Come Home?

I could hear grandmother mumbling in the background, “I’ve served my family throughout my life. Never turned away from responsibility like this. She isn’t even going to work like Kala or Malathi. Why can’t she cook then?”

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