Are We Losing Sight Of The Real Point Of Justice In The Time Of ‘Instant’ Everything?

Crowds baying for the blood of rapists and murderers should remain in movies like Simmba - we need to consider legalities if we have to remain a civil society.

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My Baba – My Feminist Hero, Who Broke Patriarchy, One Cup Of Tea At A Time

'Women belong in the kitchen, men don't,' is quite a common stereotype. However, the writer's father broke this stereotype, by helping out in the kitchen.

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Boys, Time To Take A Hard Look At That Impunity You Show About Women !

With the Hyderabad police coming up with a fourteen point advisory for women, here is a list of a few more things that can be done to basically avoid rape!

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I’m Looking For Love In A World That’s Become Sceptical Of Love…

Love is a requirement for me, a requirement that surpasses my need to have sex. Am I broken?

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As You Cheer The Killing Of The 4 Hyderabad Rape Accused, Ask Yourself Why Your Outrage Is So Selective

The encounter killing of the four accused of the recent rape and murder of the vet in Hyderabad may make many cheer, but we need to think much closer home.

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Nirbhaya To “Nirbala” – All Point To Our Country’s Increasing Nirlajja

The sexism, misogyny, and utter shamelessness of the men (and patriarchy supporting women) in our country can be seen in 3 apparently unconnected incidents.

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