You Might Be My Father, But I Belong To Me!

When she looked up at her father, her eyes screamed in pain as they darted towards the body abandoned in the corner. A body used to his abuse, taunts, slapping, kicking. Had it given up? Or would it rise again, to justify and bear more humiliation?

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Is #MeToo Any Different For Homemakers? I’ve Been Fighting For Justice

As a married woman, I've faced domestic violence and stopped from having a career. I'm still looking for justice, which is elusive for homemakers. 

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It’s Time To Stop Being Indulgent Of Men Who Can’t (Won’t) Cook
men who can't cook

Cooking is not a gender linked life skill. Why is it that a man, otherwise competent, expects the women in his life to feed him and can't cook even to save his life?

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मेरी एक सहेली कुँवारी रह गई…

पढाई-डिग्री सब धरी रह गई, कैसे ये लड़की छड़ी रह गई - क्या आज भी शादी एक औरत की ज़िन्दगी का सबसे बड़ा मक़सद है?

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The Thin Line Between Internship And Entrepreneurship: Do You See It?

As a skilled professional, if you are being given the same responsibilities and recognition as an intern would be, it's time to start asking if entrepreneurship is a better deal for you.

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An Open Letter To The Men And Women In Uniform

After watching the movie Uri, this author reflects on how little civilians understand the life of those in uniform and their families. All we can do is admire...from a distance!

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