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Children Have Natural Empathy, Dear Parent, You Need To Hone It!

Young children are, quite often, much more empathetic and sympathetic than adults. Developing their empathetic nature is what parents need to work on.

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9 Easy Tips To Dump That ‘Mommy Guilt’ Unfairly Piled Only On Mothers!

While new-age moms have a number of things that help ease their lives, they are also made to feel guilty for a lot of things. But here are a few tips to deal with that guilt!

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‘Coz Girls Like You… Can Definitely Not Be Naughty Or Mischievous!

Mischief is often a term associated with little boys instead of girls. Because girls are soft and composed! But what if they are naughty too? Let them be, says the author!

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5 Ways Parents Can Watch Out For And Encourage Their Children’s Creativity

Children can realise quite young that they have a creative dimension to themselves, and learn to use it effectively. It is up to us parents to facilitate that.

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