5 Ways Parents Can Watch Out For And Encourage Their Children’s Creativity

Children can realise quite young that they have a creative dimension to themselves, and learn to use it effectively. It is up to us parents to facilitate that.

Children can realise quite young that they have a creative dimension to themselves, and learn to use it effectively. It is up to us parents to facilitate that.

How many times have we stressed ourselves and worked ourselves up at the slightest instance of provocation by our kids? Haven’t we lost our temper at their innocuous pranks and politically incorrect behaviour? Do we remember those occasions when we strived hard only to fail miserably while we earnestly endeavoured to build our kids’ personality and their image by relentlessly training, coaching and sensitising them so that one day they would become a brand unto themselves and be proud of their successful selves?

If only we realised they are a brand already! Children are self-made already considering that they come into this world armed with extraordinary abilities and skills. They are natural public speakers as well as ooze confidence and enthusiasm in whatever pursuits they take up! They have all the makings of a star. It’s amazing to discover that when we align our frequencies with theirs our relationship with our kids never remains the same but undergoes profound levels of metamorphosis. It turns magical and becomes even more meaningful and deeper.

Creativity that dazzles

As she plays independently, my daughter transforms into a powerful storyteller and an artist while making up her own characters and delivering dialogues, as well as uttering some extraordinary punchlines and one-liners with panache. I am left admiring when she gets under the skin of her character to infuse it with life and energy!

Everyday my house gets converted into a lively theatre as it hosts several artists, musicians and performers all overseen by a meticulous actor and narrator with a penchant for perfection. Her dad and I become the proud ticket holders for her show.

It inspires confidence in me when I see children playing autonomously leveraging their creativity and imagination. They realise it quite young that they have a creative dimension to them and use it effectively. I can gain solace from that and let go of my efforts to build my daughter’s personality and image knowing that she is self-made already and as parents we only need to repose faith in that understanding and consolidate that knowledge.

So how do you identify and know if your kids are already self-made?

Identifying whether your kids are self-made is not a daunting task at all given the fact that all children are essentially blessed with talents and incredible gifts.

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Observe your kids when they play

Some kids can entertain themselves and be happy by just being themselves and playing on their own. They intuitively know they are imaginative and creative.

My daughter comes up with her own stories, she specialises in making up her own tales using her vivid imagination and story-telling capabilities. She effortlessly convinces me in her make-believe stories and their fictional characters.

Listen to your kids; pay attention to what they say

As parents it certainly becomes our responsibility to observe and listen to what our children have to say.

Pay close attention to the statements they make. It is natural for them to come up with their own trademark statements, authentic and ingenious declarations which are obviously a reflection of their imagination and creativity.

Voicing opinions and making suggestions while thinking independently and making autonomous choices come automatically to them. Encourage them to think freely and allow them to make independent choices and decisions. It is truly a definition of their character and speaks volumes about their unique identity and personality. It is a tell-tale sign that they have all the makings of an extraordinary self-made being!

Identify and recognise their talents

Our kids enter this world with varied skills and are a smart package already. We only have to open our eyes and hearts. Eyes to see and take in their incredible talents, and hearts to welcome, validate and applaud their skills as well as efforts.

The minute we spot one of their gifts we can easily let down our guard, trusting and knowing their abilities would surely propel them into successful and competent beings one day.

Observe their conversations

Children enjoy conversations just like adults. See how they converse with their peers. They usually discuss things animatedly and enthusiastically without any reservations and inhibitions. Their conversations and discussions are typically witty, innovatively intelligent and obviously playful, naughty and innocent.

Sometimes children get argumentative whenever their egos come to the fore. They tend to brag and put down others and even bully their friends when they become egoistical, so these habits should be nipped in the bud and curbed early.

Most kids have their own signature style of dialogue delivery. Rest assured these kids are self-made already!

Watch their behaviour and attitude

It goes without saying that monitoring the kids’ behaviour is a major responsibility of the parents. Their attitudes must be supervised at all times given that children are of impressionable age and vulnerable to several influences.

Their attitudes and behavioural patterns can change any day without prior warnings given that they are constantly exposed to new, exciting things in life and it is in their nature to try out new things that are different and adventurous, so it becomes all the more important to keep a close eye on our little ones. Most of the children exhibit positive behaviour while they possess their own individual style of presentation, speech and even have a personal style of playing games.

As they say, no two kids are the same. Every child is different and unique in her/his own right! Each child expresses his/her individuality differently and in refreshing ways. When we find out and identify our children’s individual characteristics, strengths and traits that make them stand out and define who they are it is time for us to relax and rest in the knowledge that these self-made children have arrived!

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