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We’re Called ‘Devi’ But Are Oppressed, Silenced, Killed, Or An Invisible Victim Of Patriarchy

Women's Day just went past, with all the spa and shopping discounts, and even the PM giving up his social media handle to women. But honestly, tell me, do we really celebrate the women in our lives?

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A Random Man Flashed To Me On Insta; I Was Called ‘Disgusting’ When I Complained

Here's an open letter to men who think it isn’t as 'harmful' or ‘offensive' as rape or molestation, to flash at a woman in real life or on social media.

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“Men And Women Go Through The Same” – Do We?

For those men who think the world is completely equal and women are losers for talking of feminism - here is a reality check. 

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‘Too Bossy’, ‘Unrealistic’, And 13 Other Things I’ve Been Called As A New Gen Feminist

As a young woman who's labelled a lot of things just because she believes in living life her way, the author gives vent to an outraged, well-earned rant.

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An Open Letter To Me

The author pens a letter to herself sharing her fears, inhibitions, strength and much more. A poignant piece which would uplift you when the chips are down.

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