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A Random Man Flashed To Me On Insta; I Was Called ‘Disgusting’ When I Complained

Here's an open letter to men who think it isn’t as 'harmful' or ‘offensive' as rape or molestation, to flash at a woman in real life or on social media.

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“Men And Women Go Through The Same” – Do We?

For those men who think the world is completely equal and women are losers for talking of feminism - here is a reality check. 

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‘Too Bossy’, ‘Unrealistic’, And 13 Other Things I’ve Been Called As A New Gen Feminist

As a young woman who's labelled a lot of things just because she believes in living life her way, the author gives vent to an outraged, well-earned rant.

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An Open Letter To Me

The author pens a letter to herself sharing her fears, inhibitions, strength and much more. A poignant piece which would uplift you when the chips are down.

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