‘Too Bossy’, ‘Unrealistic’, And 13 Other Things I’ve Been Called As A New Gen Feminist

As a young woman who's labelled a lot of things just because she believes in living life her way, the author gives vent to an outraged, well-earned rant.

As a young woman who’s labelled a lot of things just because she believes in living life her way, the author gives vent to an outraged, well-earned rant.

I’ve been am told a lot of things lately, including how I am a person who rants away her life, so consider this another rant, by all means!

I have been told I am:


Because I believe I can deal with things myself without any external help.

Too bossy

Because I always have a plan in mind and know exactly how to be the lead character in my life.


Because I believe in being polite, and usually nice to people who are nice to me.


Because duh! I believe in guys and girls being on the same level instead of promoting patriarchy.

Someone who expects a lot

Because obviously, I expect earthlings to stand up for each other, and to coexist respectfully and joyously!

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Because I believe in giving a fair number of chances before I am completely done with anyone.

Overly emotional

Because I unfurl real quick and let you peep in what’s actually going on with me!


Because I am blunt and totally upfront about how and what I feel!

Annoying/way over the top

Because I am opinionated and pretty vocal at that!

Too ambitious

Because I know what I want, and I am in to do whatever it takes!

A total pain in the (well, you know what)!

Because I do not take crap from anyone, and have ample self-respect and self-love in a society that despises it!

High maintenance

Because I expect people to treat me the way I treat them. If they can’t treat me the same way, or something close to that, I am not afraid to drop out of the team!

Miss. Always-Have-To-Be-Right

Because I do not misuse the term “sorry” and I will only and only use it when I really mean it. Which is when I am convinced I have committed something to be guilty of, something which needs to be apologised for!


Because being a feminist is considered fiction, and the idea of a woman speaking for her tribe is intolerable to many.

Attention seeker

Because when I speak my mind, a few actually manage to listen and appreciate my trail of thoughts.

And the list goes on and on and on! As I said, I am told what or who I am way too often, but if you ask me who I really think I am or what I am? I can sum it all in one word, brief and crisp! And before I do, I would ask you to shove all them pointers in (well, you know what), because more than anything, I am outraged!

I am outraged:
to be misinterpreted
to be tagged
to be shamed for who I am
to be someone you’re biased about because of how society is conditioned
to be the one you hold everything against
to be judged
to be validated
to be someone whom you try to shatter in ways which are unfathomable/simply cruel
and most importantly I am outraged to be the one you keep trying to snatch the reigns from!

But you know what else I am? Strong! Because I certainly am not handing over my power so soon, hon.

And if you are having a tough time absorbing that~ May you be blessed; because if I’ve been Teresa and Betty and Susan and Sati and Gauri, I have also been Elizabeth and Cleopatra and Nefertiti and Manikarnika and Durga and well, you got the point, didn’t you?

~ From the one who wouldn’t mind fuelling her warrior spirit with the woods of your bones set aflame

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: a still from the movie 2 States

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