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Swetha Vangaveti

The Master's holder in English Literature from the English and Foreign Languages University, Swetha is as a content curator and an author. Her "Letters to touch the petals of your heart" was published in 2019. Her short stories were selected as the Best Inspiring Stories in a contest run by the Buddybits in association with TedX. Her poetry contributions are published on global poetry platforms like Poetrysoup.com and AllPoetry.com

Voice of Swetha Vangaveti

So, The Women Of The Family Must Wait On You When You Eat, Until You Finally Wash Your Hands?

Why do men feel that it's their right? Why don't at least one man opens his mouth and say, "Let my wife eat first. She must be tired"? Why can't they open their mouths and ask their wives and daughters to eat along with them?

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An Infant’s Bitter Cry: Why? What Is My Fault?

Child sexual abuse. Rape of infants, toddlers, children,... why does it happen? A cry in the words of one such infant, if it could speak. Horrifying.

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She’s On Periods So She’s ‘Impure’ For Her Own Housewarming, Even In 2021?

Women are kept away from religious celebrations when they bleed because they are considered impure. It’s a regressive practice that needs to be questioned!

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A piece of poetry on who I am because I am so much more than how the society wants to perceive me.

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