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An Infant’s Bitter Cry: Why? What Is My Fault?

Child sexual abuse. Rape of infants, toddlers, children,... why does it happen? A cry in the words of one such infant, if it could speak. Horrifying.

Child sexual abuse. Rape of infants, toddlers, children,… why does it happen? A cry in the words of one such infant, if it could speak. Horrifying.

Trigger Warning: This has graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse, and may be triggering to survivors.

What did you see in me uncle?
How could you even hold me tight?
I was born just a few months ago
My tender body still didn’t grow.

I slept by the side of my mom
You have shown her the smell of chloroform
You took me away from my lovely home
You made sure that I am all alone

I opened my eyes to the harshness of your touch
I realised that I’m no longer safe and sound
I cried in pain until your palm closed my mouth
I shook with fear and my eyes searched for mom

You didn’t just squeeze my skin but crushed the puny bones beneath it
You didn’t just kiss my lips but caused my tender tongue to bleed
Your fingers ran across every corner of my shivering little body
Your pricky moustache irked every bit of my trembling nudity.

I tried hard to shout but my voice melted in the fearsome silence of the lonely night
My eyes searched for my mom’s arms but I couldn’t realise that they were beyond reach
My breath choked to survive under your violent paws
My life helplessly moaned beneath your wild claws

Who are you to pluck this mom’s little flower?
Who are you to burn down a father’s happy hour?
Who gave you the right to vandalize my unborn future?
Who advised you rack my bones to showcase your musculature?

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Goodbye world, I’m leaving.
Your retribution on him should serve others, a learning
Don’t just do a few candle rallies and forget me
For, within no time, another tender stem falls out from a green family tree.

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Image source: Alexas_fotos on Pixabay

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