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A Fun Way To Teach Kids Financial Freedom Which Can Be A Life & Death Thing In An Abusive Situation

Instead of saving for your daughter's wedding, why don't you gift her control on her financial freedom with the help of this fun book?

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Haunted By Those Green Eyes!

Somehow, the victory was getting into my head, but I did not see it at that point in time. I would mock my sisters and my friends. They would take the sarcasm jovially in the beginning, but soon starting staying away from me.

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Are Your Ready For A 4-Day Work Week?

As the concept of 4 work-days a week is coming into the picture, people are understanding the significance of rest in increasing productivity!

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Psychology Of Money
Why ‘Psychology Of Money’ Should Be On Every Woman’s Must-Read List!

If there is one book I wish I had read in my early 20s, it is 'Psychology Of Money' by Morgan Housel. Heck, I wish I had read it in school!

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Break Up With Your Bad Habits As You Hit 2022!

Breaking out of habits one has fallen into is hardly ever easy. Here are some logical steps to help you do it.

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Why Hybrid Working Is Great For Return-to-Work Mums

Hybrid working is the buzzword today - but is it really the best solution for working mothers? Here's a very real look!

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Dear Men, It Is Okay For You To Cry, Your Feelings Matter Too!

A patriarchal society run by toxic masculinity has taught us that men need to be 'strong' and 'tough'. But don't men have feelings that get hurt too?

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She Followed Her Father’s Life-Long Dream… But At What Cost?

Gauri was happy to see her family so elated but she felt a sense of loneliness. She never told anyone why she studied so hard and why she had no friends.

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Is The World Really ‘Equal’ For A Single Mother, While Her Ex Remarries?

Here she was, thinking and rethinking even to bring a friend home, considering the effect might have on her daughter’s psyche, and he had gone ahead with a marriage proposal without so much as considering their daughter.

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You SAHMs Have It So Easy! What Is It That You Do All Day, Anyway?

If she looked fatigued by the end of the day, her husband would ask ‘Aaj aisa kya kiya?’ and she would have no answer. "Haan, aaj aisa kuch nahi kiya."

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It Took A Flight And Some Time In Turkey For Me To Realise What I Needed In Life

I found myself hailing a cab to the airport. Just a purse, a phone and a debit card with me, I decided not to return back home, not just yet. 

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4 Home Remedies For PCOD That I Can Personally Swear By

For someone with PCOD, managing it is quite a task- especially in today's world. However, with these four home remedies for PCOD, you can deal with it!

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I Beg Of You, Don’t Watch Thappad Unless It Is For These Reasons

There may be many problematic things in Thappad, but this is how most Indian girls have been conditioned, and the movie showcases unvarnished reality!

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Dear Daughter, As You Turn 5 – A Letter From A Mom To Her Second Daughter

I will still embarrass you by being the mom who claps the loudest when you come on stage on your annual day. I will be this, and try my best to be more.

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But That Day She, And She Only, Had Been My Saviour

I had tried everything possible but nothing seemed to please her. I decided to let it go and keep my pride intact. I would go about my duties keeping out of her way. I guess the feeling was mutual.

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We Are All Humans, Aren’t We?

As Rohan left her apartment that day, Alisah couldn’t help but ruminate ….. After all, don’t we all just wait to hear words of reason, love or play?

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That GI Joe You Gifted Your Boy? He Never Grew Up

She loved everything. And she would laugh freely and love even more freely. She was unaware of how the man felt about her. His heart, it skipped a beat.

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Book Review : The Forest of Enchantments

The best part of the book is that none of the characters is shown as good or evil in entirety in the story

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When She Decided To Tempt A Man…..

‘I believe someone has my shirt’ you speak in a slow drawl, removing one earphone piece from my ear and drawing me in closer.

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Manikarnika movie review
Why Should You Watch Manikarnika, The Latest From Kangana Ranaut?

An impassioned Manikarnika movie review by Surbhi Rastogi that speaks of how she much she loved the movie, recommending this as a must watch.

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Why You Should Watch Simmba Despite Its Being Typical Bollywood Masala!

Simmba has all the ingredients for an entertaining Bollywood masala movie, but at its heart is also a strong social message, says this review. Read on!

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My Hilarious Adventures With Breastfeeding (Hilarious Only In Hindsight!)

When I saw the various posts conveying outrage against the mall in Kolkata which shamed a breastfeeding mum, I couldn’t help reminiscing about my own experiences as a new breastfeeding mum.

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When I felt ‘Royally Thugged’ After Watching ‘Thugs of Hindostan’

Surbhi writes how she was thoroughly disappointed after watching one of the most anticipated films of the year- Thugs Of Hindostan!

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sui dhaaga
Sui Dhaaga Is A Feel Good, Nostalgic Watch For Anyone With Roots In Small Town India

A clean movie for the entire family, Sui Dhaaga captures life in a middle class family with aspirations to make it big, something that so many of us can relate to.

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When Rains Drenched Her Soul…

Naina loved the rain for as long as she could remember. But this rain was very special...

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My Step Daughter’s First Period

She tried her best to talk to Arushi. But Arushi snubbed every attempt she made. She did not like Aditi telling her anything. Her response always was ‘Stop acting like my Ma!’

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Breathe-Run-Breathe-Run…And She Ran Her Way Out Of Depression!

She reached out to her best friend one day. Over cups of chai and cookies, she poured her heart out. ‘Saanvi, what you are feeling is much more common than you think’, her friend said.

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