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When Rains Drenched Her Soul…

Posted: August 19, 2018

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Naina loved the rain for as long as she could remember. But this rain was very special…

For as long as Naina remembered, she loved the rain. The faint smell of earth as the first raindrops touched the earth, the rhythm of pitter-patter as the raindrops fell on the earth, the cool gentle breeze caressing your face after the first rain, the ticklish feeling of dew drops on grass as they stroked your feet when you walked on them bare feet after the rain, the cackles of crickets and toads as numerous variety of life sprang out of the soil as soon as the rain touched it, splashing about in the muddy puddle and laughing like crazy doing it, not caring a minute what the world was thinking.

She loved the smell of fresh pakodas being fried in her kitchen. Mum too made rain a celebratory affair. The aroma of ginger tea filled the house every evening during the rainy days. Ah… she so looked forward to the rainy season after the scorching summers.

Despite her love for rains, Mum didn’t let her venture out after every downpour. ‘You might slip and fall, you know’, she said with mild annoyance. ‘Let me make you some hot pancakes instead’, she would say indulgently.

But this never stopped Naina from dancing in the rain. She would go out to the terrace, spread her arms wide, drench in the rain and dance with gay abandon. Drench until she felt that rain had cooled her right down to her soul. It washed away all the anger, all the anguish, all the irony in the world which she felt the other days. Sometimes, she would just sit in the rain hugging her knees close, crying silently. On some the rainy days, she felt maybe, just maybe, God was not so unkind. Maybe he had a miracle waiting for her.

And today, after 21 years, Naina felt finally God had given her that gift she had been waiting for all her life. It was like a signal from God himself. It poured as she stepped out of the hospital. For the very first time in her life, she could actually see the droplets fall down from heaven as they drenched her down to her soul. Her eye operation had been successful, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, and a kind lady who donated her eyes.

Naina, who was blind since birth, could finally see.

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