I'm 34, an ex-flight attendant, an extrovert and a happy soul.I just want to write for all the women out there who don't know what to do when life throws fireballs at them. I'm not a stringent feminist,but I know and I have seen the best heroes in my life have all been women.

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Why Are You Staring At Me? Stop It At Once!

It is not ok with me if you stare at me and make me feel conscious. And you need to stop doing it now!! Like RIGHT NOW!

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The Bizzare World Of Dating Apps

Dating apps is the new age zone where men and women look for prospective partners. But, it is not as rosy as it appears. The author draws the real picture of the world of dating apps.

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The Indian Arranged Marriage Drama

The author talks about the futility of arranged marriages in India. The money that is lavishly spent in these marriage ceremonies could well be used for a better purpose.

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The author says that at times 'being alone' can put things into perspective and open new paths for you.

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Because I Had Wasted 10 Years Just Waiting For ‘Someone’ To Travel With Me

Despite a flight attendant's job, I saved the best places to visit with my now ex husband, but realised that I was waiting for him in vain...

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Brave Wings, Big Dreams

They think it’s all glamorous. But lemme tell you the facts of a day in a flight attendant's life.

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Through His Eyes

In literal terms attraction is defined as the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. But what if you are married?

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No One ‘Gives’ Women Freedom. We Just Have To Take It!

FREEDOM. It means different things to different people. But for me, it was a necessity. Freedom to be me.

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The End

How do you prepare to meet death? This author believes it has something to do with the kind of life you have lived all along.

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