Through His Eyes

In literal terms attraction is defined as the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. But what if you are married?

What is this attraction? And how does it happen? In literal terms it is defined as the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. But what if this same attraction hits you when you are married? Well! Then the whole game and the name changes.

So this happened when Sarah met Mark. He caught her attention from the very first time they looked at each other. Now if Sarah wasn’t married, how different would the story be? Well! She was, whether she was happy or not. She knew Mark wanted to be around her as much as she did. But there was this wall called ‘Wedlock’. That is what attraction does and Sarah doesn’t remember feeling this way from a long time. However, she ignored it and moved on with her life. She was indeed, an exceptional wife who loved her husband whole heartedly until she couldn’t anymore. There were reasons beyond her control and her marriage was breaking apart. She had never imagined this happening. Then there was a phase of depression, which not too many people noticed because she had this impeccable way of camouflaging her pain behind a poker face and a constant smile.

Sarah’s was a perfect courtship .She adhered to every vow and she fearlessly defended people from time to time, when they would try to put some light on the issues at hand. She prayed for days but the damage was done.

At this very time, Mark came back. He just knew how to make her happy. Inspite of not being completely healed, she celebrated every moment being around this man. This man knew how to make her smile through her eyes. Sarah felt alive but she never intended to break any rules. But this man, there was something so magnetic about him that she just couldn’t repel the attraction. Even though they were poles apart, she was drifting in his direction. It’s like chemistry where someone touches your arm and your mind is set on fire. Physical attraction is common, but a real mental connection is what Sarah always dreamed of, in time.Like sometimes you just need to hear how much you mean to someone.

That was not her goal though. She had her plans ready but was being patient at the same time, giving her husband a thousand chances to unhurt her.In the end, she gave up claiming it to be a lost battle. She knew she deserved way better, everyone always told her this. She knew she wanted to be free from all this but still hung on. She knew that it’s not going to ever be the way it used to be, but she never lost hope.She fought like a silent warrior, battles of her own and one day she crossed that tunnel.

She decided to find herself through all this and she did!After a few years she was happy, free, content and living without any regrets. In case your are wondering, Mark was still around. No, he wasn’t a rebound but a friend who she confided in, inspite of other distractions he brought along with him. He showed her how to live, he believed in her and most importantly encouraged her to get over her dreadful past. She used the love to stay strong and she found a new way of looking at life. Through his eyes.

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