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The Bizzare World Of Dating Apps

Posted: February 10, 2019

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Dating apps is the new age zone where men and women look for prospective partners. But, it is not as rosy as it appears. The author draws the real picture of the world of dating apps.

Dating apps these days have an access to another world, to be precise, another planet. These days there are variations though ,especially for women. Some apps give women the power to choose their dates and also start off a conversation. However,there are always two sides to a coin.There are several men and women on the app who are already in a relationship, married or perhaps, have children. It makes me angry when I think of these people. Why do they do this to their partners? If you are not happy, just get out and then do whatever the hell you want.There are men and women from other countries too, sailing in the same boat called “flings”.

For the women who want genuine relationships or just friendship, I only have one word,”Sorry”. Well, be enlightened all you ladies, it’s a bizarre world of potential stalkers, cheating husbands, sex-deprived men and bad daddies. As safe as it sounds, you could still come across people who have hidden motives.

This reminds me of an incident when my friend went on her first date with a guy she met on this app. She wasn’t looking for flings, just meeting some like minded people. So long story short, she decided to meet him at a cafe and her jaws dropped as he walked in. He did not look anything like he did in the pictures on the app. Another con! The pictures that are used on these apps are misleading. I am not all for the looks, but she was so shocked at the difference that I had to write it here.

Some even give wrong information about their physical profile eg. their height and so on. Another guy she started chatting with was apparently a doctor (Information not verified) in a Greek god’s body. But one fine day, he mistakenly sent her a selfie with a wedding band on his hand. And then he justified by saying that the ring was on his right hand. Conclusion?BLOCKED!!

So this is the dating app world for you ladies. All I want to say is to keep your guard on at all times because you never know what kind of men you are dealing with or will deal on these apps.

Image Source: Pexels

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