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The Indian Arranged Marriage Drama

Posted: January 8, 2019

The author talks about the futility of arranged marriages in India. The money that is lavishly spent in these marriage ceremonies could well be used for a better purpose.

Marriages in India can be called a big ‘drama’, where your parents choose an eligible spouse for you. You are left with no choice, but to accept it. Supposedly, they know the best.

On your wedding day you have thousands of guests, out of which you would hardly recognize fifty. This is why I call marriage a drama. No one cares about who is getting married to whom. All they care about is – the clothes, jewellery and food. People even starve themselves before going for wedding receptions, to eat to their heart’s desire. And it gives them a chance to crib about the food that was served.

Sometimes, I really pity the bride. She has to leave her family,friends,dreams to simply get married and live with a stranger who is now tagged to be her husband. She most probably has no idea about his past or his present or how he will be in bed. It is a surprise package. The package would unravel after the whole arranged marriage fiesta is over.

Once this show gets over, you get a taste of the actual colors of your spouse. All you can do is just pray that he turns out to be what you had expected all your life. And if he doesn’t you just deal with it, because divorce is out of the question until you want to kill each other.The immaturity, insecurities, tantrums,mood swings-that is the actual surprise package.

Some women I know have had terrible experiences in the bedroom.Now this is when the surprise package turns into a shock package.There was this friend whose husband was never interested in sex.We all concluded he was gay,until one day she found a few stripclub cards in his wallet.

Now you are thinking.The money you spent on your wedding could’ve got you a house or perhaps a dream vacation. But, in our country,weddings are extravagant. People will not have money for their daughter’s education, but they’ll magically get the money if they have to get her married.

I am not saying that love marriages are better than arranged ones. But, I have seen instances where only the bride’s family pays for everything- from the wedding to the house where the couple would live.This pomp and show needs to end and people need to realize the value of money and how to use it wisely for their daughters. It could perhaps make your daughter a doctor and have her live her life on her own terms.

Image Source: Pexels

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