Why Are You Staring At Me? Stop It At Once!

It is not ok with me if you stare at me and make me feel conscious. And you need to stop doing it now!! Like RIGHT NOW!

Do you think it is OK to have someone staring at you when you are at work? Well! I don’t think so and the men in our country need to know this once and for all. It is not ok to stare at a woman and make her feel uncomfortable about the way she dresses or looks.

These men are a different species. They act like it is their birthright to do so. And the height is, even if you stare back at them they don’t flinch and continue staring. I’m sick of fighting for it and mostly avoid public transport because of the same reason.

If you ever travelled abroad, you would never face this. Getting scanned by men when you walk on the road even if you are covered from top to toe?Even if you walk half-naked, no one has the guts to look at you if you are in another country. Some countries like Gulf countries have strict law for such kind of acts. There is a difference between glimpsing and staring. Because..for the record..STARING IS RUDE !! PERIOD !!. Even if you wear makeup, they look at you..like what? Am I not even supposed to look presentable when I’m working?

Why do we as women look down and avoid all this? What are we scared about? Why can’t we teach them or tell them that… NO! It is not ok with me if you stare at me and make me feel conscious. And you need to stop doing it now!! Like RIGHT NOW!

It is high time that we avoid anything that makes us feel uncomfortable and SPEAK THE HELL UP! I’m really concerned about this attitude of some men and I will stand for anything that makes me feel uneasy. Some places in Mumbai do not have this issue..but some places really have this category who think they own us and can just look at us in any way that pleases them. Just because women tolerate it ..it doesn’t mean I’m going to do the same.

So dear weird species…STARING IS RUDE! And eve teasing has consequences. All women who face this must fight against it and if need be a complaint about it.

The image is a still from the movie R…Rajkumar


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