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Talk Positive And Text Positive

Also let's talk and text something good, positive, worthy and valued.

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The Boon And The Bane Called Technology

We are put under greater risks when we give complete control or the maximum control to the use of technology.

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A New And Better India With Joint Living

Not just husband and wife gets united but also both husband's parents and wife's parents also must get united and all live together in harmony under one roof.

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A Married Daughter Should Be Able To Take Care Of Her Parents Too, Not Just In-Laws!

Leaving her parents’ home after marriage and going to her in laws' home should be a woman’s decision. It shouldn't be forced upon her in the name of tradition.

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Equal Privilege for Parents of Boy And Girl After Marriage…Isn’t It Fair?

Whether it is girls parents or boys... Every parent must have the privilege to live with their children and grandchildren!

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