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Equal Privilege for Parents of Boy And Girl After Marriage…Isn’t It Fair?

Whether it is girls parents or boys... Every parent must have the privilege to live with their children and grandchildren!

Son or a Daughter? Love your parents and know their worth.

Daughters? Do you feel okay when your husband lives with his parents and you are separated from yours??

Women have achieved success in every corner. Are women equal to men???

If yes, then why are women expected to walk away from their parents after marriage? Daughters, you give dowry at the time of marriage with the thought that your husband and his family will look after you all your life. But, have you ever thought of it,  it is working exactly the opposite.

After marriage, daughter in law looks after the husband, her children, her husband’s family and everything that needs to be taken care including moral support and financial matters etc.

Usually, one gets paid for looking after someone. But a woman pays to look after someone. This is her greatness! This is her actual worth!

Dowry is a crime and so it is to separate a daughter from her parents.Who gave you the right to separate her child from her mother and father? We, our world and everything in it are in God’s hands but God never stopped us from changing our society to a better society and making it a better world! Nowadays we see that society is changing rapidly. Women are becoming equal to Men. Equally educated, financially independent.

International Women’s Day is proudly celebrated all around the world. But where is the freedom of equality for daughters to live with their parents forever?

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There are many men who are now understanding the aspect of equality better. They are helping in household jobs, from changing diapers to cooking and looking after the kids. We salute all such Men! The world appreciates them. And that’s how we are creating a better society.

But what about the girls and the women? What are they doing?

Our Dear PM Modi has also launched the campaign- ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao!’ Our society is changing. We see the population of the girl child rising. Yes, she is equally treated. She is equally educated. She is pursuing her dreams and passions. The world is applauding women all over!

In spite of all this, why is she not living with her parents? Why is this aspect still being ignored?

A girls is a princess of her parents. She knows that her parents never differentiated. She knows that they brought her up with lots of love.

When she was born– Her mother chose the joy of motherhood in spite of the pain and her father chose pride and happiness over medical bills.

When she was an infant– Her mother spent sleepless nights…fed her every two hours so that she remains happy and grows well. Her father learnt to change diapers even it was difficult for him.

When she started school – Her mother cooked a variety of dishes as per her liking. She made breakfast, packed her lunchbox, ironed her uniform and was completely dedicated to her. Her father spent time with her as well as paid her school fee, tuition fee, hostel fee and never ending expenses.

When she grew up to be a mature girl- Her parents searched every little corner of the world to find her a suitable partner. They hoped that her husband will also look after her the way they did. Even if he does it better than them, they will be happy.

Parents love us more than anyone in this world. They sacrifice many things for us even if it is to sacrifice their own passion, dreams or their own life. They care for us rather than taking care of themselves. They are completely lost while just thinking about us. They protect you from every evil and danger. They cry if you get sick. Their heart is heavy when you feel down. But rejoice over and over again on every little success of yours.

Dear Daughter! What are you giving in return to your parents who made you a priority above everything else?

Especially what do we do after marriage…

We end up with a single phone call.

A Whatsapp video call.

Notification of Pictures sent to Mom /Dad.

For the daughters, who are doing more than this or beyond, I would like to take a special moment to honour and appreciate you.  And those who are still hanging in there. Make a way that you and your parents live together and that you most spend lovely times together.

Wake up, princess. Don’t give up!

You have all the rights to keep your parents happy. Talk to them, care for them, spend money on them, live with them and so on…

Whether it is girls parents or boys… Every parent must have the privilege to live with their children and grandchildren! They need love, care and support in their old age and nobody can give them enough care and true love other than their children and grandchildren.

And parents are peaceful and happy if they get all love and little care from their children. Some of the boys’ parents are also left alone which is sad. There are some good husband and understanding in-laws too, one like mine. Let us spread the good thing all around the world… And yet again an important thing to remember, even girl’s parents get old, they too have feelings and emotions and want their children and grandchildren to be around…

Stop, “Beti Vidai/bidai”

Stop nuclear families.  Let us re-welcome our joint families in a unique way where it is the husband, wife and both families living together harmoniously. Let us create legislation for this. Let women also enjoy the company and the privilege of spending her life with her parents.


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