The Boon And The Bane Called Technology

We are put under greater risks when we give complete control or the maximum control to the use of technology.

Technology is like today’s generation kids. We teach our kids how to walk, how to talk and how to live. As they grew up, the level of control diminish.
They sometimes fail to keep the values which are taught to them. The human robot works the same way,, we invest our knowledge ,energy and time to design the robot the way it has to work. But the outcome could be different. They fail to keep our instructions.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using any technology. I am never against the technology or its use but i fear the dangerous outcomes it has for us.

Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Recently, I came across a video where the car tyres are designed to turn 180 degree which was super awesome. Yes, this helps you to park your car without any difficulty. But i am not that flexible giving the complete power to the steering and sit idle.

Now to wash our clothes too, we have our washing machine. I am happy because if my clothes from the machine did not come out super clean but still I can wear them alive and i am fine to use such technology where I am out of risks or any danger. I am happy that it is Not ‘ME’ but my clothes are in the washing machine.

After operating any of the three buttons – Low, medium, high..on your mixer, whatever the outcome looks like or taste like, you will still stay alive unless it is not a killing poison that you put in your mouth. Be happy that it is Not ‘YOU’ but your food that is messed up in the mixer.

These advance technologies save our time and energy to a great extent and are really helpful. I fear the day where a robot chef fails to use the kitchen knife correctly and you end up in getting murdered. We are put under greater risks when we give complete control or the maximum control to the use of technology.

When travelling in an airplane or when I use a lift, I am afraid !! I would also like to put my ideas here about the use of the life; introducing “Lift Tower” or “The Tower Lift”. How about if we bring a concept of a ‘Drop tower’ or ‘free fall’ in a lift, but not really drops like a drop tower or free fall. The frequency of speed of a lift moving in any direction would be normal speed and remains the same.

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Lift Design

The Lift Tower has to be placed at the center of a mall or any building. The Lift tower can have four lift cabins facing North, South, east and west respectively. The lift cabin must be designed to move both vertical and horizontal. The cabins attached to the tower lift moves in an upward (vertical) direction like our regular lifts and from the center, it moves horizontal to drop the people to the floor(It should work like a ship and the way it connects to the land).

Instead of keeping it complete open and scary like a drop tower. The lift cabin must be covered till shoulder level from all the four sides. Every cabin holds a capacity of ten people. You can have just two to four seats in each cabin for old/sick/ children/disabled to sit and others can stand. And followed by the necessary safety measures. we need to have a foam pit or sponge trampoline kind of arrangement for that particular area, if at all a person accidentally falls then the person is at lower risks of getting injured or facing death. I assume that this idea might stop dangerous lift failures And deaths.

Also if this can be designed to look like a parachute (parachute look for each lift cabin) it really looks beautiful especially in the shopping malls or any sight-seeing public places. Hope to have a good future. Good luck to all!!

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