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A New And Better India With Joint Living

Not just husband and wife gets united but also both husband's parents and wife's parents also must get united and all live together in harmony under one roof.

A country will become great when it really considers that MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL!!! A child should not be separated from a mother, so the parents from their children!!

We women want our parents to be with us forever. We don’t want daughters and parents to get separated after marriage.

Please bring a common law that after marriage, not just husband and wife gets united but also both husband’s parents and wife’s parents also must get united and all live together in harmony under one roof.

The final decision must be left to the respected families but if daughter and her parents are also willing to live together (where families have only daughters but no sons especially) and daughters want to take care of their old aged parents (can also set the age limit if needed..daughters parents can live with their daughters after their retirement or once they attain the age of 60) and nobody should object it.

Because even daughter’s parents get old like son’s parents and want to feel care, love and affection from their children and grandchildren. If the woman is happy, then a wife is.. then a Mother is.. then a home is happy then there would be happiness, happy families, “Happy India, Healthy India”

Let us re-welcome the joint families in a unique way. And when both the parents and in-laws live under one roof, as India’s population is huge, so by doing this we can save space(land) for our future. Save power consumption, plant more trees, go green.. save gas and things like that.. If a mother wants to work.. elders will be around to take care. so women empowerment will not come down or women might not have to suffer for various reasons.

Before the eyes of elders and in their hands Indian Children (grand children) will grow healthy and learn social skills and many great things from elders. Nowadays kids are very naughty, so grandmothers (dad’s mom and mom’s mom), both can share the responsibility. And by doing this, we can avoid all the problems that children suffer from a bad daycare.

Save petrol (no travelling from one place to another for family functions, and for other various reasons) for example , daughters travelling frequently saying “Oh, I miss my parents, I want to see them.

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No girl child will be aborted/murdered because of such bad culture of treating Girls or their parents indifferently in India where women suffer at all stages of life due to this evil culture. A child should not be separated from a mother, or the parents from their children!! Nowadays when property is being shared equally among sons and daughters, then when there are no sons in a family to take care of old parents why should they live far away alone from their daughters (at least when they are sick or reach the age of 60)

People think there would be chaos when parents and in-laws all live together.. but then, there is no guarantee that a husband and wife live in harmony after marriage or in-laws treat daughter in law well..how many divorce cases we see every day in India. So the problem is about us and our thinking.. if we want a good and happy life we should create it.

I really don’t know if any problems could arise by doing this.
But for sure we will come out with solutions because Daughters of India want their parents to live with them forever and they will do anything, sacrifice anything for their loving parents. And nobody can look down upon the “Power of Women”.

Dear Society/India/Great Leaders of India!
Please understand the daughters of India, hear the cry of Indian women.
Bring the change and stand tall in the eyes of every women.
Let us give our parents freedom to live with their children forever irrespective of boys parents / girls. In these days where Men and Women are equal, then Boys Parents are Girls Parents also must be treated equal. At least old people irrespective of boy/girl’s parents must be treated equal and we need to take care of them and by doing such good deed we get the blessings from God.

Let’s hope for “A New and better India”.

Men and Women Are Equal

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