When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Life Partner

Having your best friend as a life partner can sometimes be one of the best things in the world. After all, doesn't he understand you best?

Having your best friend as a life partner can sometimes be one of the best things in the world. After all, doesn’t he understand you best?

There could be nothing better than spending your whole life with a person who is your best friend, who knows you completely, who care for you the most. Who shares each and everything with you, who supports you no matter what the conditions are. Who will always stay when no one is there for you, who make you feel better about yourself. Who will never try to change you, and accept you the way you are!

I met my best friend when I was in Grade 5. He was my class mate. He was the best thing that happened in my life.

We fought, we cried, we made fun of each other, we studied and played together, we participated in various competitions together, we went to tuitions together. All these resulted in making our bond stronger than ever.

As we completed our schooling, we went to different places for further studies. Even after staying almost two thousand kilometres apart, our friendship grew. We were always together by heart, shared every small and big things with each other. Late night calls, and telling each and every single thing to each other was a part of our routine.

Being there throughout the good times is easy. It’s when the going gets tough that it’s important that you both stick together.

My life was not very easy, and I always found him on my side no matter what happened. We didn’t take much time in realizing that we were meant to be together. After almost 7 years of long distance relationship he left his job to be with me and got settled in my city.

As we belong to different castes and communities, his family was not in support of us getting married. He faced them all strongly and finally was able to convince them. We got married in February this year and now I can say that getting married to your best friend is the best thing that can happen to you.

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When someone is your best friend, they know almost everything there is to know about you, from your darkest of secrets to the most embarrassing of moments. When you get into a relationship with your best friend, that level of comfort remains the same, and that level of comfort is very hard to manage or develop in even the strongest of relationships. To be so open with each other is nearly impossible, but since you two started off without the intention of being in love, you didn’t have any protective shell around you.

Here are some things which I have realized in last 6 months, and why a best friend can be your perfect life-partner:

So much in common

Because we know each other completely, things become much simpler. We also share the same social circle so things stayed the same. The friends hang out with us in the same manner, the road trips are the same and everything is just much more exciting.

I can be myself with him

He also knows all my expressions and how I sound when I’m hyper, frustrated, depressed, annoyed, or happy. He makes me laugh when I am sad, doesn’t let me give up and motivates me to move forward and achieve my goal.

We both are the most comfortable with each other as we do not have to behave normally with each other all the time. We can be weird, stupid, funny or even angry with each other which make any relationship much more intense. We enjoy each other’s company without the fear of being judged as we have already done many childlike things together.

He knows what makes me tick

He always pays attention to every small thing and helps me in everything. He often cooks for me and give surprise by cooking my favorite dishes. As he knows all my likes and dislikes, he arranges everything accordingly on special occasions.

Friends first

We can’t stay mad at each other for long because the foundation of our relationship is friendship and true friendship is one of the strongest of foundations. We tell each other the truth and trust each other more than anyone else. If anything bothers me, it bothers him. He makes all my problems his own and try to figure out ways to solve it. He does the best he can by standing by my side no matter what.

This is what I’d like to say to him…

To me, everyday is friendship day because ‘your’ presence in my life brings a smile to my face every day. You are truly an inspiration for me in many wonderful ways. With you, I share the coolest chemistry and life is an absolute adventure. With you I enjoy endless conversation and you always do more than just say to show that you care. You know the way to my heart. I can say anything to you and still be sure that you will love me the same way and I know, you’ll always stay my dearest, truest, forever friend! Love you.

Quoting from this poem

“I love that each day,
I wake up to a world that has you in it
And that I’ve been blessed
With a life that took a path
That lead me straight to you.

I’ve never been as happy
or at peace as I am
since you’ve become a part of my life.

At Last,
I found my heart
My best friend, my one true love
At last, I found you”.

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