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Shalabha Sarath

A student of International Relations at Shiv Nadar University. Enjoys old bands and acrylics.

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Rooting for Roona
Pavithra Chalam’s Film Rooting For Roona Is The Story Of A Little Girl And A Mother’s Love

Pavithra Chalam's Rooting for Roona introduced a little girl with hydrocephalous, her mother, and their incredible story to the world.

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Why The FIR Against A Goa Political Science Prof For Questioning Marital Symbols Is Not Ok

Rajiv Jha, a member of Rashtriya Hindu Yuva Vahini’s Goa unit filed an FIR against Shilpa Singh, a political science professor in a law college in Goa, for questioning marital symbols.

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community radio
Why Is Community Radio A Major Resource For Women In Rural And Small Town India?

What is community radio? How beneficial has it been as a medium for broadcast and social networking especially in small towns and villages?

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Bail To Man Accused Of Raping Minor Because He Will Marry Her Violates Her Rights Again

Madras High Court granted bail to a man booked under the POSCO act after he promised to marry the victim. What about the victim's autonomy?

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Milind Soman Running Nude On The Beach May Be ‘Great’ But What If It Were A Woman?

While we're all for Milind Soman's nude picture on the beach, we can't help but wonder what would've happened had it been a 55-year-old woman?

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Why Is ‘Honour’ More Important Than A Woman’s Safety, As Nikita Tomar’s Case Shows?

Nikita Tomar's murder brings to the forefront this question - why does society put the stigma around reporting rape and harassment before the seriousness of a crime?

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OTT content
What Do Films & Series Of 2020 Say About The Mixed Realities Of Indian Women’s Lives?

While TV, cinema and OTT content are often deemed to be ‘far-fetched’ or ‘glazed’ with cinematic fabrication, are the portrayals also a reflection of our own reality?

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Saudamini Pethe
Media Misrepresentation Is Damaging, Says Saudamini Pethe, 1st Deaf Indian Woman To Do LLB

As a Deaf woman, Saudamini Pethe had an extra set of constraints on the way to achieving her goals, only making her trail more inspiring.

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coding classes
The Current NEP 2020 Debate On Coding Classes In Middle School – Which Side Are You On?

With NEP 2020 recommending coding classes in 6th grade with big businesses getting into it, but parents worried, we wonder - is it really a good idea?

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Malaika Arora
Why Malaika Arora Is More Than Just The Nasty Headlines About Her Personal Life

Malaika Arora has lived her life with dignity without caring what media says about her. Here's a birthday tribute to her.

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Two Same Sex Couples File For The Right To Marriage That Straight People Take For Granted

What does Delhi High Court's notice about same-sex couples registering their marriages legally mean for the LGBTQIA+ community?

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Indian girl child
Is The Indian Girl Child Only Half A Citizen? 16 Ways In Which We Fail Her!

With high infanticide rates, poor literacy, and misogynistic social constructs, the life of an Indian girl child is shadowed by prejudice, crime, and inequality.

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How Being 10 Yrs Older Changed What I Feel About Two Bollywood Movies – Aisha & Break Ke Baad

Film-watching is a different experience at 8 and 18. I decided to rewatch 2 movies from 2010 now, as an adult. Here are the changes I saw.

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new NSO report
New Study Confirms Indian Women Do Much More Unpaid Work Than Men

This new NSO report (National Statistical Office) confirms that Indian women do most unpaid labour at home (including emotional labour) while many also do paid work.

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Stop Bringing Up Anushka Sharma Each Time Virat Kohli’s Performance Makes You Unhappy!

Linking Anushka Sharma to Virat Kohli's performance on the field is yet another example of how easy it is to blame women even today!

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What’s Being Missed While Reporting Poonam Pandey’s Husband’s Arrest?

News reports of Poonam Pandey's husband's arrest beg the question, are newly-married men not supposed to be held accountable for their actions?

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India Gets Elected To UN Commission On Status Of Women 2021-2025. Will Indian Women Benefit?

India won a seat in the Commission on the Status of Women in the UN for a 4 year term 2021-2025, for the Asia-Pacific region. Will this help bring Indian women’s issues to the forefront?

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Laxmmi Bomb – A Big Blast Or Yet Another Failed Representation Of The Trans Community?

Akshay Kumar claims his upcoming film Laxmmi Bomb will be a 'big blast.' Has Bollywood yet again failed to represent the LGBTQIA+ community?

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marriage annulment
Marriage Annulment Laws In India And Everything You Should Know About What To Do

Marriage Annulment is the complete nullification of a marriage, which is different from a divorce. What are the laws in India for this?

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