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Sanjana Grover

Sanjana is an independent consultant for the social sector and CSR space. Her specialization and passion lie in helping non-profits fundraise for their development activities; supporting MSMEs, and large corporates in identifying CSR objectives aligned with their business and chartering, guiding, mentoring a roadmap for execution. Alongside, she is a budding You Tuber with a channel "Life Begins At 40", dedicated to bringing stories of women and extraordinary men to the world. Sanjana loves time with her family and friends. She is a fitness enthusiast and passionate about her workouts. Enjoying the little things in life, her effort is to be a better version of herself every day.

Voice of Sanjana Grover

Dating Apps: A Boon Or Bane For A Woman Looking for Love In Her 50s?
Dating Apps: A Boon Or Bane For A Woman Looking for Love In Her 50s?

As a single woman in her 50s looking for a companion, I realize the same level of depth and desire did not extend to my associations with the opposite sex. I have yearned for a partner who was honourable, loving, caring, respectful, communicative, and available.

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How Training An NGO Team Completely New To Fundraising Became Such A Rewarding Experience!

This morning I woke up feeling restless. Maybe it was the two one hour each, intense back-to-back workouts I did last evening that led to intense soreness and thus, restless slumber or maybe the other couple of things that have been playing soccer with my peace. After taking myself for a short drive, a 15-minute […]

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Why Relationships Are Important When Looking For Major Donors For Raising Funds

However, the challenge today needed immediate action and to the tune of several lakhs, a sum that no single High Net Worth Individual had ever given to us or been asked for hitherto as unrestricted funds.

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Rajat Was A Warm And Loving Person, But The World Wouldn’t Accept Them!

Warm and generously giving, loving as extremely as fighting with absolute clarity of thought, was my friend Rajat, who was non binary and identified with the pronouns they/ them.

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It’s Not Always Easy To Stay Positive, But I’ve Learnt Happiness Can Be Found Anywhere!

I was forgetting the fundamental truth, that a street urchin seemed to be aware of; that we are all “the universe's favourite children”

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Of New Friendships And Bonds

As social creatures one of our greatest need is human connection, interaction, and love; especially true for an extrovert like me.

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The Dramatic Story Of How I ‘Fought’ A Roach ‘Invasion’ During The Lockdown!

My son saw a large orangish creature - the size of his palm exhibiting supernatural jumping and flying powers by hopping around in the bathroom.

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Perfect These Productivity Hacks During Lockdown

Even though we are currently confined to our homes, there are easy and interesting ways in which we can still stay productive and protect our mental health.

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My Weight Loss Journey To A Healthier Me Was Also A Journey Of Self Love

This weight loss journey took enormous patience - and love; here's a personal account of achieving this goal without punishing oneself.

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What Corona Taught Me

Let's practice safety and care for self and others. Practice love, humor and laughter. Practice positive vibes and practice courage.

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