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The Dramatic Story Of How I ‘Fought’ A Roach ‘Invasion’ During The Lockdown!

My son saw a large orangish creature - the size of his palm exhibiting supernatural jumping and flying powers by hopping around in the bathroom.

My son saw a large orangish creature – the size of his palm exhibiting supernatural jumping and flying powers by hopping around in the bathroom.

Five days a week, I wake early to do my workouts. A five am morning also mandates I sleep by 10:30 or 11 pm to be fresh and charged for my exercise regime.

Last night, after my sleep meditation, as I was in deep slumber, my 6 footed 26 year old wannabe theatre artist wakes me with a dramatic appeal and question. He shows me the palm of his hand and instructs, that we throw all the hand towels, bath towels and the toothbrushes away, first thing in the morning.

The reason – he saw a large orangish creature the size of his palm. The creature exhibited supernatural jumping and flying powers by hopping around on the bathroom sink area.

I asked him what it looked like

I asked him if the alien invading us looked like a cockroach. But, he said he wasn’t sure as the bathroom lights at 12:30 am made this creature look luminescent orange, and surreal.

I was suitably advised on the urgent need for pest control and repeatedly questioned as to why these strange things were happening to us. Reference: earlier in the day I was bitten by an ant when I disturbed it as it quietly nibbling away at a biscuit crumb on the floor.

I tried to calm him down or shall I say pretended to have empathised with his anger, and promised suitable hygiene measures. Then I managed to get back to my beauty sleep two hours later. All through the night, I say got nightmares of flying crawlies invading our home. No brooms needed here, please note!

All I can say at this point is, that instead of excitement that my morning workouts bring, I was filled with dread of waking to find aliens had invaded us. Since we were in lockdown, they did as they pleased with us and no one would know where and how the geriatric parents and mother son duo had perished at the hands of the unknown.

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In retrospect, I am highly amused and now understand where the boi-man gets his flair for drama from.

But in the morning, I was scared too

Cut to 5:00 am. I am petrified to enter the loo, imagining an army of mini beasts waiting go accost me the second I enter the bathroom. This is my worst horror movie coming to life.

Now, please note between all this, I omitted mentioning I had scrubbed the whole bathroom two days back with professional cleaning equipments. I’d feared the arrival of COVID through its walls, the WC, and other places inside. My bathroom is my thinking ground so it has to stay cleaner, meaner and more organised than my cupboards.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, here comes 5 am and I am dying to finish my morning rituals and start my day. I surreptitiously look around after having put all hand and bath towels to wash. Then I replaced the toothbrushes with new ones that I thankfully had stocked up.

The eyes of Sanjana, the new and self appointed CID agent darted around. They suspiciously checked every corner and also questioned my stubborn and falsely brave decision to use the same bathroom in face of near death situation. (I honestly felt I could have done the Indian armed forces proud with my display of courage.)

I finish my ablutions relieved and disappointed both, at having been spared and missed the anticipated excitement. As I step out of the bathroom, there near the wall my eyes finally locate the little culprit. It is ten times smaller than was informed to me, dying it’s slow natural death.

I was fearless in the face of a larger than life monster

One little cockroach that became the larger than life monster effectively ruining my circadian cycle and sweet nothings I was looking forward to dreaming of. Only an offspring has the power to kill the romance you dream of having.

With all this drama, one thing I received validation for was that, “things always work out for me.” I made a pact with the universal powers before shutting my eyes last night that whatever crawly was invading my personal space had to peacefully leave without creeping me to death. That it had to be a natural going away from me without my having to wield the broom and pan. And, that’s exactly what the universe gave me….social distancing from this one that took away enough peace.

So guys come what may believe and have faith that you will get what you want. The focus has to be what we want and not what we fear… because the law of attraction knows no difference.

It gives us what we focus on and more of our object of focus, as it loves all unequivocally. So, be careful what you ask for and, look forward to the receiving it.

Wishing you all fabulous days of manifesting!

Picture credits: Still from Dice Media’s What The Folks

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