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It’s Not Always Easy To Stay Positive, But I’ve Learnt Happiness Can Be Found Anywhere!

Posted: October 16, 2020

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I was forgetting the fundamental truth, that a street urchin seemed to be aware of; that we are all ‘the universe’s favourite children

Going through perimenopause, getting anxiety for no apparent reason and feeling lost with no concrete professional work due to COVID,  I have been centred on creating purpose in my life.

How am I doing this?

By doing two online courses that I am positive will help me grow as a person and a professional both.

I have re-started work for my YouTube Channel, Life Begins AT 40, and took up a new format of network marketing. Besides this, I also have responsibilities to fulfill at home. This is my recipe for patience, growth, and meaningful occupation.

With all this I am making a humongous effort to stay focussed in the ‘NOW’ as said Eckhart Tolle, by being patient and loving towards my family and friends who shower me with love and care; by staying rooted, focussed, disciplined, flowing with whatever task I take on and yes, practicing a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, nutritious food, timely sleep and this practicing gratitude.

There are times however, when I forget all this and the world seems to be closing in; fear, anxiety and a feeling of victimisation, threaten to overpower me.

A hot sultry morning

I was tired after my 8kms walk this morning, followed by several little uneventful incidences, including regular housework in cloying heat that made me feel my life could be a tad better.

Waiting at the traffic light on my way to work, I was staring emptily into space and mapping my day mentally. I failed to notice my transgender friend waving at me on the street, who always blesses me and has a generous smile to share despite me not giving her alms on many days. Realising I was in another world she moved on, however, my son ensured I smiled at her before she lost eye contact.

With a few seconds left for the traffic light to turn green and the car now in gear, a little torpedo came hurtling down the road almost crash landing on my window…I pushed the brakes in surprise and shock, and looked sideways to find a young cheerleader who sells pens on the road.  At least 2-3 times a week I roll down my window and we have a quick chat, with her practising all her selling charms on me.

But today? Nahh, today she didn’t want to sell me pens or ask me for water or food. Today she was here with all the force of her mighty sunny smile to bring sunshine and positivity into my life. It’s like she knew my mood needed a little lifting! I am positive that’s what made her  greet me, share her ear splitting smile and generous love.

She had matted dirty shoulder length brown hair, a little grubby yet bright chirpy face, torn frock and bare feet, but inside this exterior, was a little energetic fireball with a heart full of love and friendship.

I found happiness unexpectedly!

From being pensive to instantly smiling, I transformed internally, a smile that stayed with me all the way to work. The realisation that I have so much going for me in terms of my lifestyle, family, friends, and absolute strangers who have lovingly befriended me without any expectations….forming a human connection so unique and selfless. Indeed I am blessed with so much working out for me. I wondered why I was forgetting the fundamental truth, that a street urchin seemed to be aware of;  that we are all “the universe’s favourite children”, in whatever state we are in currently, things are always working out for us…sooner or later.

What a blessing this life is and it is up to us to recognise that, make happiness our aim, and live a life that adds some value to others.

Just as my little friend did this morning, one small act of kindness, a smile that brightened me up and filled my entire being with light and happiness.

Reminded me to thank each one who is with me; in thought, connection, close proximity or otherwise, for expanding me and making me realise we are all part of the larger soul.

In deep appreciation.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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