Of New Friendships And Bonds

As social creatures one of our greatest need is human connection, interaction, and love; especially true for an extrovert like me.

As social creatures one of our greatest need is human connection, interaction, and love; especially true for an extrovert like me.

Life is indeed beautiful and dynamic.

Lock down happened and I started the new life with a sense of challenge and enthusiasm.  Balancing housework with work from home, experimenting with new things around the house and also balancing time to connect with the friends I could no longer meet and family as I far away.

Slowly, the enthusiasm to do new everyday waned and I got restless for more …searching, but, not sure what the more was possible. Then in response to my search came new friendships, bonds and sharing. On one side was someone I did not know at all and on other a young couple who had always been in my vicinity, both of these, 25 years apart in age, became my meaningful buddies in a short time.

As social creatures one of our greatest need is human connection, interaction, and love; especially true for an extrovert like me.

Out of the blue

A person I met in December of 2019 and spent a few interesting hours interacting with went on to become a new friend. The fact that he is geographically close has been a blessing. Wicked Eyes as I call him playfully owing to the sparkle in his eyes, is your regular human with a great sense of humor that lends the twinkle to his eyes. He is the kind of person you can enjoy a few easy relaxing hours with, emanates a calm fun energy that lets you be. The easy repertoire and camaraderie in our talks makes them easy and interesting as also offering something to take back.

A stranger, no longer seeming so alien, we have shared the gourmet coffee he makes, food, laughs, our life experiences, likes and dislikes, thoughts, strengths and fears. It is an interesting ,much talkative bond that helps us both live a few happy hours that leave me with lasting smiles..

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Familiar ties

Another connect my son and I developed is with my next door neighbors, a young professional couple with whom we have hitherto had basic interaction. It was no particular reason but we really never took enough time to know each other earlier. This self-made simple yet dynamic couple have emerged as a great source of strength, wisdom and companionship with social distancing and face masks in place. Understanding each other’s tastes, likes and dislikes we formed a friendship at a heart level that is quite boundless in its sharing.

I have often wondered why certain people come into my life, any times waltzing in without any apparent purpose, and many of them to move on and others to stay.  It is interesting how different spirits align to meet whether it is for a few days like the leaves of the tree that give us shade and then fall prey to a light breeze, or for longer like the branches that stay stronger and support us or the bark of the tree that offers rock solid support.

All said, humans are all different and everyone we meet for a different reason, we add to their lives or they leave us with something or may just be the fresh breeze we need momentarily to be revived.  I understand and am intrigued and pleasured by the mysticism and have learned to live in the moment, make the most of such encounters and meetings, enjoy them, the learning and insights they offer, with much appreciation.

This lock down has been a source of inspiration, discomfort, excitement and experimentation; it has forced me to delve deeper within myself and learn to be available for those who may need me, some credible and others not so much but, then again the discerning power comes with experience. Today, I can say with some modicum of satisfaction that I have learned to think beyond myself by being available for others, strengthened and deepened old friendships and made new ones.

As the lock down opens, all of us will walk or fly back to our somewhat old life, same but, yet subtly not so same, carrying new memories, new learning and subtle nuances that have shaped us internally, forever

The lock down after all has not been a so lock down for me, but, a definite time of liberty, freedom, expansion, embracing some new things in life. It has taught me patience and offered channels for me to know myself better.

Much to thank! Life is bright & beautiful and it truly is my most favorite thing 🙂

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