Riddhi Bhatti

I am a stay-at-home mom, an avid reader and sometimes an impulsive writer. Otherwise an MBA, having served in the position of a business analyst at a renowned MNC for a couple of years.

Voice of Riddhi Bhatti

She Was The Unquestioned Queen Of Her Throne

People who are looked down upon as physically challenged, set benchmarks of physical fitness and endurance. See how many sports are listed here for the differently-abled categories

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Smiling My Way Through The Pandemic

If a crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic cannot teach us the way to live, nothing and no one ever can.

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When Love Becomes Your Hope

Suddenly, a wave of graveness swept across his face. He took my hand in his and said, "I want to ask you something?

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What Happens When A Resilient DIL Decides To Put Her Foot Down And Finally Speak

"But what if the whole structure comes off?" "For once do away with your fear and be guided by your will. You will know how much force is required."

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Books I Can’t Live Without

My gratitude to these authors in whose books I found a lost part of me.

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Yet Another Rape. Yet Another Death To Which We Are All Silent Spectators!

A witness and the accomplice are offenders. And here we are, a nation full of witnesses and accomplices, to several silent deaths and crimes each day.

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veg tiffin ideas
Be A Yummy Mummy! 6 Delicious Recipes For Your Child’s Tiffin

Having difficulty getting your child to get to eat? Well, you're not alone. Practically all moms struggle with it! But here we have 6 yummy veg tiffin ideas for you!

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Giving Children Some Friends For Life

Even in the most lonely and gloomiest of the times, she will have some loyal friends by her side.

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My Child Was Denied School Admission Because I Am A ‘Stay-At-Home Mom’

School admissions can be quite an ordeal for parents. Not just the child but the parents are also scrutinized which often make them doubt themselves.

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I Will Look At What Draupadi Would Do!

But honestly I could not muster up the courage to tell you how your so-called uncle raped your mom. But I can't bear this alone any more. That gnawing itch won't let me live.

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