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Be A Yummy Mummy! 6 Delicious Recipes For Your Child’s Tiffin

Having difficulty getting your child to get to eat? Well, you're not alone. Practically all moms struggle with it! But here we have 6 yummy veg tiffin ideas for you!

Having difficulty getting your child to get to eat? Well, you’re not alone. Practically all moms struggle with it! But here we have 6 yummy veg tiffin ideas for you!

“All right sweets! Just one bite, it’s your favourite…”

“Honey, look at these small little green balls! Bonus! you can eat them too!”

“Okay, try this, just one spoon, just one spoon. It’s so yummyyyy!”

No Mamma! You are not alone in doing this. Every day all of us struggle to stuff their tiny frames with some nutrients. Especially when they are in school for hours. With no one to go running around, it becomes even challenging to provide them doses of instant energy. That too mouth-watering and lip-smacking.

Here are some quick-fix, all veggie, healthy tiffin ideas that I stick to:

Veg cutlets

Grate/chop all available vegetables (cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, peas etc.) And bind them with boiled potatoes and gram flour.

Fry and try! You can rarely go wrong with this!

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Veg Poha/Bambino

Sauté all chopped vegetables separately. Then add them to your poha mixture or boiled bambino.

Done! It is tasty and healthy and little do they know they are eating so many veggies.

Bread Pizza

Use whole wheat, fibre or brown bread for the base. Top it up with pizza sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese and chopped veggies (so they can’t distinguish one from the other)

With this mouth-watering delicacy, they are bound to finish their meal!


Bind all finely chopped veggies with boiled potatoes and stuff it in brown, wheat or fibre bread. Add cheese, butter and ketchup for taste.

Ét voila! A delicious and quick tiffin recipe right here!


Use gram flour,  water, and finely chopped veggies to make a batter. You can also add carom seed (ajwain) and garlic for added flavour.

Shallow fry/ roast on a flat pan. Serve with chutney or ketchup.


In your idli batter, just add chopped vegetables. Microwave them for 3 minutes. And roast with curry leaves and black mustard seeds (rai). Don’t forget to add ketchup or chutney in the end.

I keep alternating between these veg tiffin ideas for them. Except of course, those days of special demands.

Do share if you have any other quick and healthy recipes for these little bellies. And let me know if you want a detailed recipe for any of these.

A version of this was first published here.

Picture credits: Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels.

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