Smiling My Way Through The Pandemic

If a crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic cannot teach us the way to live, nothing and no one ever can.

Corona is here and its time to brace ourselves for the long haul. With so much negativity and fear around, what better way to rev up the distressed souls by sprinkling smiles, love and positivity. Since charity begins at home, how about,

Air-kissing our children and telling them that viruses are only to test our resilience. The healthier and happier we live, the sooner they are defeated.

Sitting beside the elderly at home and letting them know that we are with them. We shall face it together.

Making those long-distance calls to friends and family; and shedding the load off our hearts (Say those long due sorries and thank yous)

Shaking a leg/ gyming/ Zumba/ aerobics with the family for strengthening our bonds and bones.

Digging out the forgotten board games and honing your childhood skills for fun.

Ticking off a new art (ballet, salsa, calligraphy, make-ups, gardening, doodling, quilling) from the bucket list titled ‘Before I die’.

Sparing those 15 minutes for meditation to silence our turbulent minds.

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Taking a dive in those piled up books and swirling in the dreamlands with our children.

Splashing some colours on the old chipped wall of our home, giving them a new lease of life.

Dusting those old cupboards and revisiting the old memories. Also shedding some load off them by separating the unused stuff for the needy. Basically de-cluttering your shelves and yourselves.

Showering some love to Earth by making it greener. Also looking after those old ones withering for want of our love.

Doing away with all the credit and creditors. Their smiles are precious too. Clear the dues, bills, insurance premiums, tax returns etc.

Last but not the least, a roof-top (or bedroom) candlelight dinner when everyone else is asleep.

If a crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic cannot teach us the way to live, nothing and no one ever can. For once, let us live each day like it is our last on the earth. Do away with all the burdens and grudges. Go the extra mile to spread some smiles.

In words of F.Scott Fitzgerld, “It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”


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