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Ragini Ravichandran

Words can create or break!

Voice of Ragini Ravichandran

Why Should A Wife Rest Only After Cooking For Her Husband?

Why not call up the man and ask him if he is ensuring his wife has access to fruits and chocolates, now that she's on her period and not feeling up to it?

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Are Newly-Married Women Mere Baby-Making Machines Without Dreams And Ambitions?

After a woman is married does anyone give any though to what she wants or doesn't? Why is she looked at as a mere baby-making machine without any dreams?

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All It Takes Is A Smile

This little poem was written when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. She fought her way out like a brave warrior. 

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Shame On The Shamers: A Story Of Body Shaming

Even though a lot of us have to go through a tough journey with our bodies, it is a steady work in progress and we come out stronger.

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Hey Woman, No Marriage Is Worth Losing Your Individuality Over!

It's high time we stop expecting women to let go of their individuality and dreams for the sake of others! Because no one is worth losing that for!

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Dear Society, Obsess Over A Woman’s Dreams, NOT If She Is Married Or Has A Baby

Why aren't people asking a woman if she is having a happy life or if she has any dreams? Why is the question always about a child that one may or may not have?

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