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Hey Woman, No Marriage Is Worth Losing Your Individuality Over!

Posted: March 11, 2020

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It’s high time we stop expecting women to let go of their individuality and dreams for the sake of others! Because no one is worth losing that for!

Often, marriage is described as a beautiful chapter in a woman’s life. Several women look forward to this day in their life. Because, post this, women are ready to unfurl their wings and fly into the unknown with a companion by their side.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? But just as this woman is getting ready to take off, she often ends up leaving something she has always had with herself.. She ends up losing her identity and individuality.

A few women are smart enough and notice this being left behind. So they hold on to it as they take flight. However, other realise that it is missing only after they have flown some distance.

Her individuality is her own don’t take it from her

A woman’s individuality can be as simple as the name- her father’s name which she has carried all her life.

Or it could mean her tastes- her choice of food, clothing, colour or even her choice in people.

Her individuality could also mean her behaviour, characteristics that make her her. It could be her voice for the right and wrong, her belief system, her opinions and dreams.

For her, taking permission to do what you once loved to do or change your tastes to match those of the other person. It could mean, letting go of dreams for the sake of the other person, putting up with belittling comments from them, and unable to stand your own ground. Now, these are all instances where you may feel like you’re losing or have lost your individuality.

She is either loud or brash for being herself

And once lost, it is very difficult to get back this individuality. But once women retain or get back their individuality, they are labeled as loud, brash, forward or even crazy for having voiced their opinions.

These things make her doubt herself and make her wonder if she needs the individuality that comes at the cost of her mental peace and harmony. Very rarely does she realise that if she loses her individuality she loses it completely. She should hold onto herself and not let anything or anyone dim her spark or what makes her her. 

Yes, the effects of retaining your individuality may be high. But, my dear women, it is definitely worth it. For, you only have YOU to stick up for yourself in the days of despair.

Hang in there and remember to take yourself along wherever you go.

Author’s note: No matter what, don’t change your true self and dreams for anyone or anything. Hold on to your ‘muchness’ always.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Dil Dhadakne Do 

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