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Are Newly-Married Women Mere Baby-Making Machines Without Dreams And Ambitions?

Posted: July 7, 2020

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After a woman is married does anyone give any though to what she wants or doesn’t? Why is she looked at as a mere baby-making machine without any dreams?

“Listen, Veena, has your daughter, Priya, had her periods yet?”

Veena looked at her 75 year-old mother-in-law, who seemed to be very eager to know if her daughter had had her periods yet. Priya had gotten married a few months ago and owing to the lockdown, she was unable to move in with her husband who lived abroad.

“Yes!” Veena answered curtly to end the topic there.

Why are all they asked these questions?

And this is just one instance! Sadly, this is just another way to ask if a lady is pregnant! I am sure married women face these awkward conversations almost all the time!

“When do you plan to have a child?”

“Any good news?”

“You know, that girl who got married right after you is pregnant…”

“We are longing to see a child!”

“Will we be grandparents soon?”

These statements are endless! But does anyone give a thought about what the woman who hears this goes through? There’s so much of stress and pressure!

Are they only there to make babies?

When does she get to live her her dreams? Or even get to do the things she wants, like maybe spend quality time with her husband? And maybe, focus on her own career?

When will the society stop asking such foolish questions? And you know what the worst bit is? Men never find themselves in such awkward positions. Nobody ever asks them anything. It is always the woman who hears about having a child, like she’s not entitled for anything else.

Despite coming so far, in terms of technology and development, it is saddening to know that we are still backward in may ways.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie 2 States

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