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Poornima Kulathu

I am a banker, author, poet and an intersectional feminist. Speaking up on social issues, mentoring and coaching and cooking up a storm for friends and a certain strapping 21 year old boy are what gets me up in the morning. Hope to revive the singing sometime, as well.

Voice of Poornima Kulathu

Would You Tell Your Son In Law “Don’t Come Over, We Want To Spend Time Only With Our Daughter”?!

Before expecting the daughter in law to love, respect and accept the new family, it is only fair that the family demonstrates all of these first.

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Bollywood, Learn Your South India Well Before You Make A Movie About Us; Regards, A Tamilian

What is the pressing need to make characters South Indian, really when their culture isn’t pivotal to the story? And when the makers haven’t spent a minute learning about the culture or the language except the word Ayyo?

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Men In A Relationship With Women Half Their Age Must Be Held Responsible, Not The Much Younger Women!

Cis men get away with doing so little, while the humungous responsibility of moral behavior and consequently upholding the morality of a family rests on a woman, her body, her vagina.

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What Savarna Feminists Must Do To Enable Dalit Bahujan Adivasi Women To Speak Of Their Trauma

If you are an intersectional feminist, raise your voice against the caste based gang rape and murder by Savarna men of a little Dalit girl in Delhi Cantonment in your privileged circles. Your voice carries heft.

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