7 Women’s Day Celebration Ideas For IWD 2022 In The Time Of The Hybrid Work Model

Looking for creative Women's Day celebration ideas that align with this year's themes and also doable in current times? Here's help.

It is that time of the year when organisations scurry around looking creative Women’s Day celebration ideas.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March 2022 (IWD 2022) is, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” which focuses on making those changes in gender inclusivity and equality that are sustainable for the future. Women are leading change everywhere – in organisations, politics, academia. Even climate.

Celebration of this day usually turns into an empty exercise every year with most companies looking for roses and chocolates to ply women with. Add in a free lunch, a ‘Wear what you want’ initiative, and a contest to judge the best-dressed woman, and companies believe they have it covered. Is that all Women’s Day signifies now?

The campaign theme for IWD 2022 is #BreaktheBias. Everyday women are subjected to discrimination and bias either reducing them to lesser humans, or holding them to higher standards than those for men.

In this article we bring to you 7 Women’s Day celebration ideas that honour diversity, are free from bias, and combines light hearted excitement with serious changes so we make our corporate spaces truly gender inclusive.

A support-a-cause event at work

NGOs frequently approach organisations for funding and sponsorship. There are many that work with adults with special needs employing their skills to create household objects.

An all day counter putting up their offerings either in the pantry or in a common area would be a great Women’s Day celebration idea that can support disabled women, and kindle empathy and the desire to give back in employees. Such an event on IWD 2022 would be inclusive, intersectional and a true celebration of Women’s Day.

Honour bravery in women employees

Invite nominations from employees if they or others have spoken up or stood up to any kind of abuse or harassment, or done something else that requires bravery. Felicitate these women employees as warriors publicly, either in an online event or a celebration at the workplace.

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While it shouldn’t be necessary for women to be brave, women everywhere, everyday exhibit courage but these are seldom noticed. This event will validate these women.

Gift a book

A creative gifting idea for Women’s Day would be to have an e list of books written by women about women’s lives and ask employees to pick one as a gift. One or more of the authors from among the books on the list could be invited to speak at this event, about their challenges as a woman.

A fun talent showcase

A creative idea celebrating women’s day would be to coax out latent talents in women employees by launching an exhibition of women employees’ art or a broadcast of live dance and music performances in work groups. Winners could be decided through an online poll.

Because workplaces should be fun too!

Discounts on career development programs

As a women’s day celebration idea, corporates could launch an initiative to further the careers of women employees by offering significant discounts on paid webinars and career advancement courses to be signed up on IWD 2022. The company can invite a woman speaker, or have a panel discussion featuring women achievers at work.

A significant discount or a pricing advantage could entice more women to invest in developing their skills which would in turn benefit both the employee and the organization.

An event to normalise periods

Menstruation is a taboo topic in the Indian milieu and women employees who suffer from menstrual cramps frequently apply for ‘sick’ leave. Heavy period days at work could also become a problem if there isn’t adequate sensitivity among colleagues.

A good idea for Women’s Day 2022 would be to do a few things that change this –

  1. Showcase a film like the Oscar winning documentary Period. End of Sentence.
  2. Install sanitary napkin or tampon vending machines in women’s washrooms, which would take some of the anxiety away from menstruation. Sanitary napkins are still hidden in envelopes and exchanged between women secretly, like it is contraband!
  3. Institute period leave for those who menstruate, no matter the legislation on this.

Movie Day

With women juggling multiple priorities all their lives, a truly relaxed time with other fellow women is a rarity. How about hosting a #movieforwomen day on 8th March 2022? Many offices have their employees back in the premises now, and I cannot think of anything more enjoyable than watching a female directed movie with my women colleagues in the office common room/pantry with a cuppa!

I know many organisations struggle to come up with innovative and creative Women’s Day celebration ideas every year. I hope the suggestions above help you decide which ones suit your company the best and I hope you have a day that is packed with fun and joy and is a true celebration of yourself!

Image source: a still from the film Outsourced


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