Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant is a published Poet, an experienced psychologist, an entrepreneur and a vociferous proponent of women empowerment. She has a creative vision which manifests in her various arts and crafts and is also evident in her writing.

Voice of Pooja Pant

The Indian Man’s Guide For Picking The Perfect ‘Girl’ To Take Home To Mummy

That is the image of a woman that they are comfortable with, like their mother cooking in kitchen, keeping the household clean, doing the laundry, and so on.

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I Write This To Let You Know That I Admire You!

I know the last year has been especially rough on you. I do not know the details of what exactly happened. You survive to tell the tale.

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Why The Film Pushpa Makes Me Feel Outraged As A Woman

Right from the age of Rajinikanth to the era of Allu Arjun, Yash, etc, female actresses have merely an eye-candy role in most movies.

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How My Friend Taught Me The Greatest Life Lesson!

A year of sorrow, a year of pain,  A year of loss, wish never come again, The agony, the hurt is all that remains, A year of death, wish it never comes again. The last two years have been some of the most traumatizing years in the past century. What began as a pandemic in […]

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A Dust Storm Of Digital Revolution

GIRL… the least represented and most oppressed subcategory of human existence. They are the poster girls of exploitation by misogynistic and patriarchal societies since before time. International Day of Girl child: A dust storm of the digital revolution. “Scared she lives, in the shadows she hides, Her fate exposes the “ugliness of mankind” You can […]

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Stop Saying ‘I Am Sorry’ On Hearing About A Divorce!

Why do people say 'I am sorry' to divorcees? They don't need sympathy, rather should be appreciated for leaving a toxic relationship! 

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On The Way I Had Lost My Own Identity To Be Just A Daughter, Sister, Wife. But Then…

A homemaker's journey to self realisation, when she rose up against all things that tried to chain her, finding that which freed her.

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Those Who Have Recovered From COVID, Watch Out For Mucormycosis aka Black Fungus

Here's a post-COVID alert - watch out for symptoms of Mucormycosis, also called Black Fungus. Catch the symptoms early, save lives.

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When Her Son Was Hurt, The Mother Roared In Rage Like She Never Had Before!

She had risen and risen to slay the monster who took her son. And he realised there is nothing more powerful than the rage of a mother.

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When My Life Was A Mess, I Realised Women Aren’t Each Other’s Biggest Enemies!

When my world was falling apart, I only had one person by my side who taught me that women aren't women's biggest enemies!

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We Think We’re ‘Free’ But Remain Slaves To The Male Gaze For Approval!

True freedom will be achieved when we will be in actual control of our lives with no pressure to conform to the wants of the world.

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Out Of Love

Love between partners can weather many storms but betrayal- for its an assault on "self-respect."

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