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Out Of Love

Love between partners can weather many storms but betrayal- for its an assault on "self-respect."

Love between partners can weather many storms but betrayal- for its an assault on “self-respect.”

A woman can and will do so much for her husband out of love. She’ll don many hats, from being an admirer to critic, a guide, a philosopher, a course corrector, a teacher and sometimes even a mother. She’ll be his backbone when he is loaded with responsibilities. She’ll be his shield when he is facing attacks from all quarters. She’ll offer her shoulder when he wants to cry. She will do all this only out of love.

The toll of indiscretions

A woman will give her body and her soul to her marriage and will weather all kinds of storm but one. The storm of betrayal. Her hopes, her dreams, her smiles, everything will break the day she will find her husband changing. The day she’ll wait for him at dinner table only to find that husband has had his stomach filled somewhere else. The stories and the excuses will grow exponentially and her faith will decline accordingly. His phone will be not reachable for extended periods of time.

His routine will change with the time spent at home reducing substantially. She’ll know but yet she’ll sustain in hope of a better outcome. Forgiving and forgetting, hoping against hope for things to revert back to normal. She’ll fight a million battles alone in her mind, losing every day but still hoping to come out a winner. She will long for his embrace but every embrace will bear the scent of someone else.

From silent tears to revived confidence

You see that is the curse of infidelity. While a woman is busy breaking the home of another, the husband is living in a fool’s paradise thinking that his wife is unaware of his secretive liaisons, a woman is suffering in silence as she watches her palace, her life crumble to dust in front of her.

Eventually when she tries to speak out, the relatives and the ‘well wishers’ swoop in with their advice and the onus is put on her to adjust and to “sort out” the mess silently. She is told not to make noise as it will bring a bad name to her husband and she must protect her husband’s reputation at all cost. She is shown fear of a divorcee’s life and she suffers another round of misery in silence.

This is the moment when many resign to their fate and the rest resist and explode in defiance to the societal pressure. She understands that this is her battle, her wounds and her suffering alone and that she must go through it all alone as she runs out of love. She realizes that she is her own healer, guide and soulmate. The road ahead is rocky and she has to walk barefoot but by this point she has made up her mind out of love for her own happiness. A woman can do anything for her husband out of love but she can really do everything once she is out of love…

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