6 DIY Ideas To Make Crafts With Pistachio Shells

Our reuse & recycle series is back with a 3rd edition, offering 6 creative DIY ideas to reuse pistachio shells.

Our reuse & recycle series is back with a 3rd edition, offering 6 creative DIY ideas to reuse pistachio shells.

I go nuts with some nuts like pistachios! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the flavour of pistachios and love to have them just like that or in icecream, kulfi, milkshake, chocolate, chikki bar, dry fruit laddoo, salted, roasted and many other forms. Just thinking about having pistachios in different forms is prompting me to write more about them, but that post is for another day.

So coming to the point, what drives me crazy is getting that nut out of its shell. I always end up having a pack of nuts lying in my refrigerator that are hard to shell. I can neither throw them nor use them.

For those who are struggling with the same issue, do check out the below video for a simple trick to shell those hard to open nuts!

Of course after shelling all of them and eating, I still end up with a pack! Wondering what I am speaking about now? It is a pack of pistachio shells this time.

Being a person who doesn’t like to waste any resource so easily, those shells always looked lovely to my eyes. Hoping that I would use them in some form I would always store the shells, but would not really be sure what to do with them. When I had a whole lot of them, cluttering up space, I finally did part with them with a heavy heart!

Until one day, when my son got a craft made at his school for mother’s day. Though it looked very simple, it actually occurred to me that I should be doing something like this with those shells. Here is a photograph of the mother’s day craft.

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pistachio shells


So yes the shells are quite sturdy, durable and have a lovely shape. They can be used for making different crafts. Let us check out some DIY options now.


Making a flower with pista shells is the most common method of reusing the shells to make crafts. As the shells already come with an almost petal shape, it is easy to identify them as flower petals. These will come in handy when natural flowers are not available and you want to make them part of your rangoli!


Yes, it is possible to craft some elegant jewelry too with the shells! You can make pendants or add them as mini pins to your tops. Be ready to experiment with different shapes and colours that suit best for your outfits.


Fancy a bowl with pistachio shells? That is possible too! The bowl turns out to be quite sturdy and you can use it as an organizer basket to store small items or place just the bowl anywhere to act as a décor piece.


The kind of coaster that is shown in the video is a people coaster but you can bring forth your creativity to try out other designs. Go ahead and recycle all those old, boring and plain coasters and bring them to life!

Candle holder

This candle holder is very similar to making a complete flower with pistachio shells. The only difference is to leave space to place your tea light candle in the middle and not to cover it with shells. Follow the video for a clear tutorial.

Abstract art

Other stuff that you can do with these shells is to make some wall hangings with an abstract floral art. Try different sized flowers and other figures of personal interest and stick them to a base to make the hanging. Here is a video to get you started.

Keep following this space to find many more interesting DIY ideas by reusing and recycling ordinary things.

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Header image source: youtube.


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