Don’t Throw Away Those Wine Bottles. Here Are 7 DIY Ideas To Reuse Them

Posted: March 4, 2016

Wine bottles in the trash after parties? Here are 7 DIY ways for reusing wine bottles, that are sure to act as décor elements in your home.

In this series of reusing products to make interesting stuff, which falls under DIY category, the first one we bring to you is with used wine bottles.

Reusing things has its own charm! The other day I heard a big splash of cracking glasses near my balcony window. When I peeped out, the house keeping lady was carrying the wine bottles in a dustbin cover, and all of them came out crashing as the weight was too much to hold. For someone who loves recycling, this was definitely not a pleasant sight!

Wine bottles come in interesting, royal looking shapes and colours. If you look at some interior design magazines, the photos will have some decked up wine bottles in some corner, adding to the super luxurious and inviting look of the space!

If you have been throwing these bottles into dustbin, this video might change the way you deal with them. Don’t worry if you have too many of them, I think you can still give away your empty bottles for those friends who love DIY and décor!

Here is the video that shows 7 interesting DIY ways to reuse the wine bottles; you might discover some of your very own ideas, once the thought is in place!

You must have noticed in the video, that some of the upcycling ideas require the wine bottle to be cut at a certain level. How do you do this without damaging the bottle? Here is a video that gives 3 easy ways to do this.

With wine bottles, there is happiness when you use their contents to celebrate. And of course, happiness stays with you when you reuse them and increase the design aesthetics of your home!

Image source: youtube.

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