When Her Son Was Hurt, The Mother Roared In Rage Like She Never Had Before!

She had risen and risen to slay the monster who took her son. And he realised there is nothing more powerful than the rage of a mother.

She had risen and risen to slay the monster who took her son. And he realised there is nothing more powerful than the rage of a mother.

“She may not have given birth. But he was her son, her angel, she was sure,
She held his paw with teary eyes, he closed his shut feeling assured,
The time stopped and heavens bled, a mother’s pain none could endure.”

She said her last goodbye as she laid him to rest in a small grave in the courtyard. Her wet and swollen eyes were still finding it hard to come to terms with the sudden demise of her only child.

Yes she was a human and he was a dog but their relationship was not that of a pet and an owner but that of a mother and son. Many had mocked her for addressing her dog as “my child” but she hardly cared about society.

They were mother and child

She was his mother and nothing could have changed it. Well, what is motherhood? What does it mean to be a mother? These questions had never left her for the past 4 years. She was his mother and nothing could have changed her mind.

Motherhood to her was not restricted to giving birth or adopting a child from foster service. For her being a mother much more than that. Her love for the cute furball transcended the societal norms and customs. And today, that motherhood was seeping tears.

He was just four years old after all. And he still had a lot of years left to explore the world. How could fate be so cruel? She questioned herself bewildered by the sudden turn of events as her mind turned into a movie reel and all his memories played right in front of her closed eyes.

“Marshall! I will call you Marshall” she quipped to herself as she lifted that tiny ball of snow-white fur into her arms. The cute little angel peered curiously into the eyes of her new mother. He could see nothing but immense love in those big beautiful eyes.

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While one bond was strengthening, another only weakened

The two shared a moment of mutual understanding and love until she brought his nose close to hers. Little Marshall stuck out his tiny tongue and licked her nose, sealing the love affair with his own signature kiss. Her husband watched the two connect and let out a cheerful chuckle.
Days passed and night rolled by as both the mother and little Marshall strengthened their bond.

But on the other hand, another bond was getting weaker and weaker. Her husband was slowly but surely revealing himself. She was deeply agonised by the storm brewing in her life and was on the verge of slipping into total darkness.

Thankfully, Marshall was always there to keep her afloat. She would forget all her agony and sadness as she cuddled and played the perfect mother to Marshall. Marshall understood that his mother was going through a lot of pain so he always took extra care of her through his antics and theatrics.

It was such a beautiful life that they both shared even with all the trials and tribulations in her marital life. For her, the world revolved around her smart, handsome and caring son. The time flew as Marshall grew bigger into a full-grown dog but deep down he remained the same puppy who wanted to sleep in his mother’s lap.

She wished for the time to stop and for this happiness to last forever but alas! Her destiny was about to change forever.

But their world was about to change and shatter

Their small but beautiful world was going to be destroyed. Her husband had finally turned into a monster. His mask had fallen off completely and the hideousness was out in the open.

The rainbow in their sky had faded away and was followed by the appearance of dark ominous clouds. Both the mother and the son grew restless as the monster started tearing their world apart. Things would come to such a pass soon that the mother had to take a harsh decision of sending her son into safe custody, far away from the eyes of the monster.

The mother too had to flee and hide in a desolate corner of the world.
Mother and the son were separated but their hearts kept beating for each other. She could feel him smile and play in his new home deep within her soul until one day she woke up drenched in sweat.

Her soul screamed in agony as she felt a lump harden in her throat. She knew something was wrong as she got ready to go and visit her son in the faraway land. Through the dark forests of despair and the choppy seas of hopelessness, she travelled and reached the fateful place just in time.

When she saw him, her heart broke

Her son was lying very still and weakened. The monster’s shadow had fallen on him and had drained the life out of him. She quickly sat down beside her son and took his head in her lap.

Marshall opened his eyes for one last time and looked into the eyes of her mother. Through the thick walls of tears, he could see the love that he had seen four years ago, strong as ever. He closed his eyes never to open them again, relaxed by the fact that his mother still loved him as always. With the warmth of that love, Marshall rose high in the sky and floated away in a cloud.

The movie came to an end as she was jolted back to reality. Marshall’s grave was done and all that was left was his memories. The mother sat down beside his grave as the sun began to set giving way to darkness and gloom. In the background, echoed the laughter of that monster as she collapsed in a heap.

“Mother!” a cute little voice echoed through the night. Startled, she looked up and looked around but could see nothing in that pitch-black night. “Mother! Please don’t cry? If you’ll cry, how will I ever rest in peace? You know I cannot watch you cry, don’t you? Till yesterday, I would have run circles around you till you’d have smiled but I cannot do that now. How will I sleep ma, if you’ll stay like this? Please Ma, please don’t cry.”

Now she rose in a rage she hardly knew she had

The laughter of that monster grew louder as if mocking their agony. She was going crazy listening to that evil laughter on one hand and trying to listen to his son speak on the other. The trauma was multiplying with each second.

Her tears were soon replaced by streams of blood trickling down her cheeks as she felt rage build inside her. A rage so powerful, that it forced the moon and stars to run into hiding. The rage was so strong it burned like a thousand suns in the sky and confused the real Sun to come out early.

She rose from her feet trembling in anger and let out a scream so powerful that it scared the monster into silence. His laughter was replaced by a squealing sound of fear.

She had risen and risen to slay the monster who took her son. This was not the end of their story. The end was going to begin now as she raised her finger in the direction of the monster to tell him that she was coming for him. There is nothing more powerful in this world than the rage of a mother and she was going to prove it right, once and for all.

“His laughter turned to squeals of fear, the monster scampered like a mouse,
As a mother raised her sword up high, his end was near, his end was nigh.”

Picture credits: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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